Martinoli admitted everything he went through on the day Mexico qualified for the 2014 World Cup

Part of Christian Martinoli’s account of the day the United States defeated Panama to pass Mexico to the 2014 World Cup qualifiers (Video: Youtube / Roberto Gómez Junco)

The mexican national team He has a very gray ring in recent history, one that will remain special in the memory of thousands of Aztec fans who for a moment thought they would be left out of world Cup.

Classification to Brazil World Cup 2014 It was real torture, specifically hexagonal endThis is the last stage in which only the Mexican national team was able to win Play 2 matches out of 10, so they got to the last date against Costa Rica With the need to win as a visitor looking forward to the intercontinental qualifiers.

The tension was of such magnitude that even Adidas, the brand you wear Aztec choiceExpect the World Cup jersey to be released to sell as much as possible before a potential disqualification, so the pressure at the weekend was raised to the limit among everyone involved.

Victor Manuel Vucic has been appointed on an emergency basis to lead Mexico in the last two 2014 World Cup qualifiers, against Panama and Costa Rica (Photo: Reuters/Juan Carlos Olati)

In this regard, a character emerged as a spokesperson for a huge section of fans, who were angry and did not understand how the Mexican team was unable to defeat Jamaica, Honduras and the United States throughout the tournament: Christian Martinoli.

dated Azteca TV He spoke throughout the trip about the management of the national team and its players, but during the last minutes of the match against him Costa RicaWhen the dream of the World Cup was about to collapse, it was he who expressed in front of a microphone what thousands of Mexicans felt.

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“We are leaving the World Cup. This I can’t believe, it can’t happen. It’s a nightmare! But we still think we’re the giant, that we’re better than everyone else, that we really are invincible. What are we thinking? At what point have we lost our way? Here another miracle must appear! Martinoli Before the return of the United States to Panama and Mexico agreed to the playoffs.

Christian Martinoli with his Mexican charro hat, is one of the most famous historians by Aztec enthusiasts thanks to his epic novels (Image: Instagram / @cmartinolimx)
Christian Martinoli with his Mexican charro hat, is one of the most famous historians by Aztec enthusiasts thanks to his epic novels (Image: Instagram / @cmartinolimx)

After the American explanation Graham Zusi In Panama, the euphoria and anger of Mexicans became more evident in front of the microphone:

The United States put us in a re-rating! United State! You who wear green are not! You don’t just let it be clear to you for the rest of your life. Neither you, nor your pride, nor your shame! “.

In this story that touched hundreds of fans, managers and even players, Christian Martinoli Talk about it with Roberto Gomez Junco He explained that that moment was one of suffering and intense hostility, in addition to revealing that it happened within the framework of his birthday and that It was a reflection of all the pressure that had built up to not qualify for the World Cupكأس.

That day in Costa Rica The people were completely attached to the goal of eliminating Mexico under any criterion. You are too violent. The insults we received that day were as if we were in another field in Central America, something that had never happened in Costa Rica. I saw how there was that hatred from afar, people were crazy.”

Cristian Martinoli covers the Mexican team with Luis Garcia on Azteca TV (Image: Instagram / @cmartinolimx)
Cristian Martinoli covers the Mexican team with Luis Garcia on Azteca TV (Image: Instagram / @cmartinolimx)

With the pressure on TIKA fans and the wrong reaction of the Mexican national team on the field, anger prevailed Martinoli, but what ended up having an explosion in his head was the social context that would mean Mexico losing world Cup.

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“I went crazy because it was an accumulation of emotions for so long, through so many games. I knew so many people and I knew a lot of people would lose their jobs if Mexico didn’t qualify for the World Cup. That was a very strong shock.”

“Everything I say I’m going crazy. I told them what I thought I should say and it was just my opinion. It came to me naturally and that’s how I felt and thought.” Those were Christian’s words to Roberto Gomez Junco on his show. Youtube “Dialogues Without the Ball”, in which he expressed how to visualize impotence, which he transmits through the microphone.

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