A well-known astronaut spoke of UFOs: “I’ve seen countless things”

Chris HadfieldA former RCAF and US Navy pilot and former commander of the International Space Station said in a recent interview with CBCN Radio. Separating every sighting of UFOs with intelligent alien life is “complete stupidity”.

The famous astronaut shared this and many other opinions on the recent discussions surrounding the report on UFO (unidentified flying object) and steam (Unknown Atmospheric Phenomena) – for its acronym in English – which is about to be Delivered to the United States Congress by that country’s intelligence agencies next month.

According to Hadfield, it is not unreasonable to believe that there is life in other parts of the universe, an idea that is not only reasonable, but is very entertaining to debate, because it raises important questions about the responsibility that humankind should have before a discovery of this kind, But you shouldn’t get carried away by the paranoia of pointing to evidence everywhere.

Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station

“Obviously I’ve seen countless things in the sky that I don’t understand. But you see something in the sky that you don’t understand and To immediately conclude that it is intelligent life from another solar system is the height of stupidity and lack of logic“, pointed out.

“Certainly at this point, we haven’t found evidence of life anywhere other than Earth, and we’re looking.”added. However, Hadfield said it was no surprise that the conversation was gaining momentum. “It’s intriguing and it’s on the edge of reality, science fiction, and fantasy. That’s why it’s so interesting to think about,” he said.

Life on Mars

For this experienced astronaut, the first Canadian to command the International Space Station, some missions to Mars will likely find evidence of life there. “Landing a rover on Mars is ‘almost indescribably difficult,'” Hadfield notes, but scientists still land a handful of them on the Red Planet.

The Chinese space agency was the last to do so, carrying the Jurong rover to Mars earlier this month and making its first flight to the planet’s surface last Saturday, May 22.

“Why are we trying to land on Mars? Well, I think the key question is that Mars was a lot like Earth four billion years ago when life first formed on Earth,” Hadfield told Cross Country Checkup host Jason D’Souza.

“If it happened here, did it happen there? That would be evident somewhere in the geological record.” Hadfield said, if a rover finds a fossil, “We will know that we are not alone in this universe.”

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