Patients waiting for COVID bed increases and average lifespan of detainees decreased

Effects Health The public and private in Neuquén, once again, warned that “the system It is still in a state of tension and is facing the highest level of demand in hospitalization requirements of all kinds.” They emphasized that “Currently, the governorate continues to occupy 100% intensive treatment beds and 57 residents are waiting in our institutions.” Intensive care bed.

At the same time, they noted that there was a “significant decrease in the age of hospitalization, which yesterday (Monday) recorded an average of 49.8 years.”

They noted in the statement that “the care provided by the health teams consists of numerous measures, some overt and notorious, the majority silent, diligent, and often alarming. by the Minister of Health, Andrea Biffi, and representatives of all public hospitals and private clinics in Neuquen.

In the message that came out of the afternoon meeting, they stressed that “about ” Measures From the approved circulatory restriction, we recorded a slight downward trend in sentinel consultation, especially those non-COVID illnesses, generally associated with normal circulation, such as, for example, traffic trauma.”

They added: “On the other hand, taking into account the cycles of recurrence and progression of infection, it is expected that the real positive impact of circulatory restriction measures will be realized within a month of implementing these measures.”

They also explained that the influencing factors, both public and private, “have made significant investments, both in equipment and in staff integration and training. But in the face of the massive increase in infections, all the variables related to care are limited by it. It becomes impossible to cross.”

They also pointed to the fact that, at the national level, “high demand also creates a demand burden towards many actors in the supply chains and production of medical supplies.” They noted that “the most valuable input into our system is human resources and this resource also has limits. Team fatigue increases over time and needs sustainable measures by the whole community that allow for relief to be generated in healthcare.”

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