Martín Guzmán has not been able to unblock the agreement with the IMF and in the government alerts are ignited due to economic instability

Minister of Economy Martin Guzman He found more problems than solutions during his Washington tour where he met the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva to complete Debt renegotiation owned by the state with that body 45,000 million US dollars.

The head of the economic portfolio is trying to reduce the additional fees imposed by the International Monetary Fund on financing, but so far he has not been able to resolve the situation. In fact, the head of the organization confirmed after her meeting with Guzmán that “Nothing has been decided on the supplements” He explained: “We had an informal discussion in September, where some board members expressed certain reservations about the possibility of changes to the extra cost policy Because they are concerned about the financial stability of the International Monetary Fund.”

In this scenario of difficulties, the government believes that the agreement with the International Monetary Fund will arrive in 2022. Alberto Fernandez told businessmen during their meeting this week. He also told them that at the moment there is no extension of the agreement or a grace period. A very complex picture of the situation for the government that needs an agreement to give a signal of confidence in the midst of the instability of the dollar, which in turn is affected by the uncertainty generated by the campaign.

Argentina’s proposals that contradict the position of the International Monetary Fund

Specifically, Argentina does not want to modify, they are demanding Additional Fee Reduction The country is facing due to debts with multiple parties and that The repayment period is 20 years. These proposals contradict the position of the International Monetary Fund, which seeks to obtain The loan repayment period is ten years And it actually calls for a reduction in public spending. in this sense Come with good eyes to the Minister of Economy. The international body wants a new exchange policy.

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However, Minister Guzmán Georgieva told that the Fernandez administration would not accept an amendment, although it appeared in the last hours that Christina Kirchner Supports the government reaching an agreement with this body. This inner declaration brought calm within Casa Rosada.

“The work continues, which is based on finding a way for Argentina to have resolute policies leading to Increases special for generation profession Real and focus on public spending”, the Director General added at the end of the meeting with Guzmán. Strictly speaking, the IMF technicians also stated that there must be a “coherent plan” in the country and that they did not want there to be a huge gap from the official dollar to $100 and the equivalent of $190.

Alberto Fernandez sought support from entrepreneurs

President Alberto Fernandez Lunch on Tuesday with nine businessmen Of the main companies based in Argentina, in the framework of direct meetings that began with different sectors after the defeat of the ruling party in PASO. They claimed that End of the law prohibiting dismissal and double compensation. As it was on the agenda The Progress in negotiations with the IMF and interest high inflation.

At a lunch in the Casa Rosada, businessmen asked Alberto Fernandez to end the double severance pay and anti-slapping law.  (Photo: the presidency)
At a lunch in the Casa Rosada, businessmen asked Alberto Fernandez to end the double severance pay and anti-slapping law. (Photo: the presidency)

Jorge Brito Jr. (Banco Macro), Francisco de Narvaez (Walmart), Hugo Ornician (Corporación América), Marcos and Alejandro Bolgeroni (PAE), Juan de la Serna (Mercado Libre), Javier Madanes (Alwar), Marcelo Medellin (Pampa Energia) ) and Alejandro Simón (Grupo Sancor Seguros) and Fernandez spent two hours discussing key issues of the economy while they ate steak chorizo ​​for lunch.

However, representatives of the main companies located in the country mentioned Worrying about excessive fees on debt repayment The President asked them for their clear support to strengthen Argentina’s position before the IMF this week. Some businessmen offered the president to accompany him on future international tours in this regard.

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