Pedro Castillo ratified Anibal Torres, but he reconstituted the Cabinet with six changes

Six new ministers are sworn in. Video: Peruvian TV

President of the Republic Pedro Castillo Six new ministers of state were sworn in on Friday, August 5. The party was held after nine o’clock in the evening. The surprise came minutes before the ceremony, when the President of the Republic decided to certify Anibal Torres as Prime Minister. In this way, the following ministers took the oath.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Mackay Enters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to replace Cesar Landa

Kurt Borneo Sworn in at the Ministry of Economy and Finance to replace Oscar Graham

Alexander Salas He leaves the Ministry of Culture to enter the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion

Jenner Alvarado He leaves the Ministry of Labor and is sworn in as the new Minister of Transport and Communications

Cesar Paniagua Chacon He is sworn in as head of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation

Betsy Chavez Chino The new culture minister

Last Thursday afternoon, The president indicated that he is evaluating various options for choosing a new prime ministerAs well as the rest of the various portfolios that will form his fifth team of ministers.

“I pray, except for these things, the political actors, I invite the political class, I call on civil society and organizations, that from today I will make some decisions regarding the vision of the Cabinet for confrontation…be assured that we shall divide tomorrow in this treasury”announced after leaving the prosecution to the media.

Along the same lines, Peruvian President, Appeal to Various Political Actors and for parties so that they can form a broad-based government.

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“I hope that the government, in our call, will be to the extent that political actors, the political class, and those who believe in the country and democracy are welcomed,” he added.

“From here I open this space to other political parties so that we can once and for all create a broad-based government”He concluded his withdrawal and then withdrew in a critical confrontation between his supporters and members of the National Progressive Party and the demonstrators.

extraordinary cabinet

As he states, to the astonishment of many and the joy of others, Anibal Torres resigned as Prime Minister Through a message sent to Peter’s castle, where He confirmed that he is making his position available for personal reasons.

“I take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in me, first as Minister of Justice, and then as Prime Minister.”the Prime Minister indicated in the official document.

as select it “Having served with you our country, especially the most neglected and forgotten people” And that “Today I have to go back to the university classrooms with my students, and go back to what I missed most: legal research”.

In the last days silence Hannibal Torres Regarding the surrounding controversy Peter’s Castle It was the breaking point between the still-to-cabinet president and the president, so his distance from the government was obvious.

Anibal Torres questioned the performance of Mariano Gonzalez at the head of the Ministry of the Interior:
Anibal Torres questioned Mariano Gonzalez’s performance at the head of the Ministry of the Interior: ‘We’ve had very bad luck here’

The last time Al-Faqih was seen next to the President of Peru was at the Protocol Celebrations for the 201st Anniversary of Peruvian Independence.

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Since the early hours of Thursday, August 4, rumors have been circulating about some names that will be proposed to President Pedro Castillo for the position of Prime Minister. Among the most famous of these are the Minister of Culture, Alejandro Salas, and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sanchez.

The name of the former Minister of Labor was also announced. Betsy Chavez, But Congressman Jorge Montoya said so He could not take ownership of the PCM because it was part of the government of Aníbal Torres.

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