Luna de Ciervo: what it is and how to see it from Argentina | NASA information about the world’s largest giant moon

The Super Moon How will this look Wednesday July 13 will be the third of Four events straight this winter. In astronomy, it is considered a special cycle, because it will allow a stretch 7% bigger and 16% brighter From the average full moon. The next day will be August 12th.

This phenomenon occurs when The moon’s natural orbit is closer to the earth And he’s in his full phase, so It looks brighter than usual and a little bigger.

Although it will be more visible on Wednesday, Deer Moon will be visible from Tuesday. Photo: Getty Images

“In the process, the Moon revolves around the Earth in the form of an ellipse, so depending on the time of year it can be farther or closer to the Earth. And when it is closer to us it is called rock bottom‘, he explains William GoldsPhD in Astronomy from the University of Cordoba.

Deer Moon 2022: Where to see it?

This Wednesday, which is also known as Stag Supermon For the season of the year when the deer grows new antlers, it will exceed the limits and It will be visible from anywhere on the planet

The less light pollution, the better its appearance, although it can be seen with the naked eye. Because of its great size, It will not be necessary to use binoculars, filters or telescopes.

“Full Moon” Always comes out at sunset And it’s gone at sunrise again. So this event will be visible all night long,” Golds adds.

In other words, this Wednesday, starting at 5:59 p.m. after sunset, it will begin to appear and will remain that way all night. This time it will be the distance between the moon and the earth 357,264 km It will reach its maximum level of shine all year round.

According to information from NASA, The Stag Moon can be seen until the morning of Friday, July 15th So you will have two days to look up at the sky and appreciate the show.

In addition to looking larger, you will also notice a slight change in color, as it will be closer to the horizon in the northern hemisphere, causing it to turn orange, even pink or red.

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