Evo Morales: John Bolton is sarcastic and the United States is carrying out coups to continue stealing resources | Definitions of the former President of Bolivia by AM750

Former President of Bolivia Evo Morales This Thursday is considered as “sarcastic” Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton. He did it after admitting it There has been sponsorship of the Donald Trump administration in several coups.

in conversation with Garciaby AM750Morales stressed that the “interview is surprising” as Bolton revealed the United States’ involvement in regional coups. reveal it when he became president Miners are victims of coups, victims of other social sectors of the Condor plan, They told him, “You have to beware of the US Embassy.”

In this sense, he celebrated that “in 2008, when the ambassador was advising and financing coups”, he had the opportunity “Respect the sovereignty of the Bolivian people and expel the diplomat.”

There are only coups in the US because there is no US ambassador.”, Evo was sentenced. He added: “We endured, and now very rudely this man confirms his participation in the coups. Another clue, besides that, is that Trump was the first to meet Jeanine Anez“.

For the former president, it is necessary to investigate the cause of the strikes. When peoples are democratically liberated, they nationalize national resources. Coups seek to subjugate a state to continue stealing resources. My crime is that the political authority closed the military base of the United States and nationalized the national resources. They don’t forgive me for that.”

Plurinational America for the People

Looking at Latin America, Morales asserted that “all doctrines implemented by the United States are a fiasco.” In the face of this, he said, “We must declare a multinational America to the peoples“.

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“200 years ago our ancestors rose up to found republics. After 200 years, they organize themselves into guerrilla warfare again, and these fighters are chiefs. Now it’s Petro’s turnEva added.This new wave of democratic liberalization comes to fulfill the great aspirations of Chávez, Nestor Kirchner and Fidel.“.

Macri and arms shipment to Bolivia

Finally, the former president pointed out Coup in Bolivia The participation of the former President of Argentina, MaruriAnd the By sending weapons to the de facto government. “In the background there was participation from the government of Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. And that has been fully proven.”

He then compared that government of Campimos with the current government: “Unfortunately from Argentina, former President Massi sent weapons. I have a lot of friendship with Alberto Fernandez, and during the epidemic they sent us medicines“.

Now Bolsonaro is trying to grant ñez asylum. They certainly have ideological coincidences. Some presidents still defend people for crimes against humanity. The first process that Anez faced was the rupture of the constitutional order. The judge said there had been a coup. People are demanding justice so that there are no more coups.”

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