LoL: Riot adds a new rank to the game and removes promotions forever

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If Valorant was a few days ago, now is the time for League of Legends Announce your roadmap for the second part of 2023. There are many novelties in it, which we will tell you about in two different articles. In this first we will talk about it classified system And of the two great novelties they will bring with them.

The first and most important It is the arrival of a new order and it will be called Esmeralda, And to be between diamond and platinum. Many players complained about the level disparity once you get past the platinum level and there were a ton of players. These changes will have a special impact on players Platinum and below, including Diamond IV or III, with the aim of achieving more competitive in-server rankings.

Goodbye to upgrades

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The latest news that people will like the most Is that boredom will disappear from League of Legends. This is very good news and it was indeed in line with the policy they had had for some time to remove the boredom of moving up the ranks and reduce achieving “only” three to two wins to move up the division. .

In this way, Riot Games is doing the same thing as in other titles and that has worked out quite well, as with TFT, There have been no promotions since its launch brave , In the latter, his score fluctuated in the rankings, because it was not known at first how they added, and then the new score by games appeared later, something similar to what Riot Games did with League of Legends in the middle of Season 13.

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With these changes the competition is required The arrangers find some balance And that with one more rank, players with better mechanics who want to move up on the server, don’t have the “hassle” of having to play a three-match promotion to see if they move up.

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