Lava reaches the sea in La Palma and there are fears of toxic gases

Lava from the volcano that erupted 11 days ago on the Spanish island of La Palma reached the sea from Tuesday night to Wednesday, Generating potentially toxic gases, although at present it involves only a “minor” risk to the population.

AFP photos showed Wednesday morning Large plumes of steam The gases that rose when the lava chain entered the sea on the western coast of the island of the Canary Islands archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

The impact of the lava flow, more than a thousand degrees, from Cumbre Vieja volcano with ocean water finally occurred at 23:00 local time on Tuesday 19 Argentina time), scary moment For days due to the possibility of explosions, toxic gases and waves of boiling water.

A white nut rises from the sea. Photo: AFP

As a precaution, residents of the nearest areas in the municipality of Tazacourt They have been locked up since MondayMeanwhile, the authorities established a 3.5-kilometre-long security perimeter on land and two nautical miles on the water.

“Right now we have significant winds in the area that dissipate more of this column (of gases) towards the sea, so the risk is much lower” for residents, Ruben Fernandez, who is responsible for the plan, told public radio RNE. Volcanic emergencies in the Canary Islands (Pivolca).

Is it dangerous?

“At the moment, we do not have no hint This makes us believe that it is dangerous for the people who are in confinement, not for the emergency teams, who also respect the security boundaries,” Fernandez said.

Canary volcanic eruption

Inhalation or contact with acidic gases and liquids It can irritate the skinThe eyes and respiratory system cause breathing difficulties,” warned the Volcanic Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

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In the face of the worst expectations, Lava reaching the sea The regional president of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, congratulated himself on Wednesday morning in an interview with Radio COPE: “It has developed normally.”

“A channel has been opened up to the sea from the volcano and what we all hope will develop in a natural way and stop the expansion of the ‘lava tongue on the island’ and head towards the sea,” Torres said.

Lava flood generated Lava deltas slowly gaining ground To the sea,” the Spanish Oceanographic Institute tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Scientists said it was It is very difficult to anticipate the moment Where the lava will reach the sea, its speed differed in the previous days, and even stopped at a certain point.

Monday morning, There was a noticeable decrease Activity at Cumbre Vega volcano.

But by noon that day, the eruption had returned with renewed vigor, causing the laundry to rise rapidly and ending Tuesday to reach the water.

The lava flow that originates from the La Palma eruption reaches the sea.  Photo: EFE

The lava flow that originates from the La Palma eruption reaches the sea. Photo: EFE

more than 6000 people had to leave their homesSo far, there have been no injuries or deaths, although serious material damage has occurred.

Lava has already destroyed 656 buildings – not all homes – and covered 268 hectares, according to the European Copernican geographic system, on this island of 85,000 people who live off banana cultivation and tourism.

“In all this way Nothing left but lava The scene will be different, and the devastation is massive (…) The island of La Palma in that area is another island “,” the regional president of the Canary Islands lamented.

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Ash shower came to leave inoperative Airport for 24 hours From Santa Cruz de la Palma on the weekend, and although they operate in theory, there are practically no flights arriving.

On Tuesday, the Spanish government agreed package of aid Direct payments of 10.5 million euros ($12.2 million) to provide housing and basic necessities for those who lost everything in the explosion.

Experts estimate that the rash can last for several weeks, even a few months.

The previous two volcanic eruptions at La Palma occurred in 1949 and 1971, causing a total of three deaths, two of them from inhalation of gases.

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