The new world prevents you from “stealing” the name of the richest man in the world

The Amazon Games MMO launched on PC, and it reached historic activity numbers on Steam.

The launch of the.. the launch of the.. the take off of the new world It could hardly have been more successful. In its first day available on PC, the open-world MMO signed by Amazon Games is skyrocketing Over 700,000 users on Steam, something at the height of the very few launches in the platform’s history. Of course, none of those thousands of players could be baptized as Jeff Bezos, which is a banned name in the video game.

This curiosity was pointed out by PC Gamer, which is important in a file last post How they tried to name the richest man in the world for their hero, receiving the message that he is not available for use. Then gate tried to use other similar variables like Bez0s, Be Zos o JeffB without finding much success. Alternatives like Beff Jezos can be used, although unfortunately for the magazine editor there was already another MMO before it.

Amazon Games forbid the baptism of characters like Amazon, as well as other words of an offensive nature as usual in these proposals.

We’re not clear what would happen if Jeff Bezos decided to open an account in the MMO, but what we can speculate is his satisfaction with the success of New World, Amazon Games’ first major success in its search to also expand into video games. . So much so that she has Some problems on their servers.

New World is presented as an exciting MMO in an open world full of dangers and opportunities in which the player must forge a new destiny as an adventurer whose ship is wrecked on the shores of the supernatural island of Aetérnum. You will soon be able to find more information about the production on the pages of 3DJuegos.

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