La Jornada – In at least 150 days, T-MEC disputes will be resolved

It will take at least another 150 days to find out the final decisions on the claims the US government made to Mexico for alleged non-compliance with T-MEC in energy matters, according to the specialists he consulted. today.

In the event that Mexico is deprived, economic demands and new tariffs on products exported by the country can come. However, the consultations required to the trade agreement are the product of a “counter-suit”, in which the Mexican government has filed panels against large US automakers that do not fully comply with the rules of origin. “From this date, the next procedure is to establish a committee, which will last 150 days or approximately five months, so that the final decisions are submitted, and then the specific companies suing the Mexican government will be announced,” explained Ignacio Martinez, coordinator of the analysis laboratory. in Commerce, Economics and Business (Lacen) at UNAM.

In July, the White House announced that it would begin consultations within the framework of the T-MEC regarding certain actions by Mexico that “undermine US companies and energy producing in the United States for the benefit of the Federal Electricity Authority and the Mexican Petroleum Commission,” measures aimed at which Canada has acceded.

“It must be understood, first, that the United States has always sought to resolve disputes through this kind of mechanism, and now what follows is the formation of a committee comprising three specialists from each country and a president, who will decide the final verdict,” he said. Arturo Carranza, specialist in the energy sector.

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He stated that although there are disputes between the two parties “this does not harm the trade relationship (at least in energy matters) that binds Mexico with these countries, but it must be recognized that the series of current government policies have mostly benefited the CFE, and the pressures come mainly from part electricity “.

For his part, Ignacio Martinez clarified that at the moment it is not possible to determine the amount of economic sanctions in the event of Mexico being deprived after the session; However, he predicted that the US government might also apply tariffs to other export products as a trade penalty.

“If they go to the commissions, it will last until March of the following year, and on March 1, 2023, the US announces its trade policy, so we can expect new tariffs to punish other industries,” he said.

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