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Twitter Enable the option for Edit posts to Paid subscription service users Twitter Blue. The company had expected at the beginning of September that it would implement First tests For this job in a few countries: CanadaAnd the Australia s New Zealandat first, then add to United State. It is expected that this tool will soon be extended to other countries.

The test went well. (Tool) Edit Tweets is available to Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Soon (to be implemented) in the United States.”, she recently announced on the social network in her official account.

As of the update, Internet users will be able to Edit your post messages By clicking on the pencil icon, where the “Edit” function is located. They will only have 5 chances to make changes, Within 30 minutes of the original tweet. In addition, you will see a file timestamp and one Label So that readers and other users know that the original post has been modified. By clicking on the tag, you will be able to see “Edit History”, which includes previous versions of the Tweet.

The social network announced that it wanted people to have the ability to make changes to messages after they were posted, in case they tweeted with spelling or typos, or if they wanted to add labels or another idea that I would have forgotten about, among other variables.

“We love your releases, and we look forward to continuing to expand this test to new markets.”Twitter commented after acknowledging that it had begun working on demands made by its users to improve the platform. With this initiative, the company has joined forces with other popular platforms such as the Meta, Facebook and Instagram social networks, which for years have had the option to edit posts without time limits or occasions.

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What is Twitter Blue and for whom is it available?

Twitter Blue is a file Optional paid monthly subscription Provides exclusive access to Premium Features to allow users to “personalize” their experiences on that social network. In the meantime, it will be available to smart phones With iOS and Android or on for users in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. According to the company, This method will not replace the free version of Twitter.

Subscriptions to this service are paid monthly and have different prices depending on the region 4.99 USD The current reference value.

One of the “premium” functions that Twitter expects is tweet editing, which consists of editing posted messages up to 5 times and within 30 minutes after the original post. In addition, it includes the function “Articles without adsTo provide subscribers with a fast loading and ad-free reading experience.

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