Kate Middleton: Does silence confirm marital infidelity?

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The British royal family is once again embroiled in yet another scandal that can be said, in fact, something that has already happened in the past on more than one occasion. Prince William is the protagonist in this tandem story Kate Middleton Because of the alleged infidelity he would have with his best friend Rose Hanbury.

Since its appearance, the Crown itself has remained silent and both Prince William and Prince William have had to appear publicly at the events. Princess of Wales. The third in contention was already there in the past and for that very reason the friendly relationship was broken but in the year 2023 and on Valentine’s Day, his name is given to the Royal Council.

Kate Middleton He is a victim and partner in disbelief. (Twitter)

There are strong rumors of a breakup in the UK as well as across Europe, but no one has come forward to explain what really happened and whether what was said about the pearl necklace being oft mentioned for being the alleged luxury gift of the day is true of the lovers of the pair. Kate Middleton towards Rose.

The idea of ​​divorce will not be wrong because the relationship between them can be understood Kate Middleton And Prince William had already been broke before. It should be noted that before February 14, Lady Dee’s predecessor admitted not to expect flowers on this Valentine’s Day.

Kate Middleton It adds to the silence in the argument. (Twitter)

Is there a request for silence?

Another rumor that weighs heavily on the British crown is that from above there is a drop in the line precisely so that this topic is not discussed by any hero, and therefore quickly falls into oblivion. Kate Middleton He knows that this has already happened in the palace and it won’t be the first time, not even that King Carlos III is His Majesty.

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Kate Middleton and Guillermo do not confirm anything. (Twitter)

Time will be the key to determining if infidelity is present or if the relationship is between them Kate Middleton And Prince William has already separated before without public disclosure and without there being a divorce in the middle, which tarnishes the reputation of the British royal family so much that they try very hard to take care of them and only suffer shocks.

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