7 Movies Like “Across the Sea” You Should See If You Want More Love

Ignacio is an expert in culture, but has specialized in films and series for more than 10 years, both those shown on the big screen and on streaming platforms. It tells you the same thing about the premieres of Netflix, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video, and it tells you the last hour of “Masterchef” or any other TV show.

With a long experience already as a critic, he knows the best series and movies and likes to watch them before you do so he can tell you if they are worth it or not. She knows all the new releases of the week and loves to recommend series and movies to her friends, family and readers, something she has been doing on various personal blogs and through social networks. He loves everything: he follows great directors like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, he knows the entire Marvel Universe, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and the Disney universe by heart.

Culture is his main hobby, and although he considers himself a movie buff, he also loves music, especially international music, and video games, which he devotes all the time that films and series leave him, of course. Sports is another passion of his, which he initially developed in the sports newspaper MARCA. Ignacio Herruzo graduated in Journalism from the University of Rey Juan Carlos in 2012. Since then he has not stopped writing since he started in 2013 at the Hearst Group, working as a writer for various websites and magazines such as Teleprograma, Supertele and Diez Menotos.

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