Jorge Rey, who predicted Philomena, defies science and confirms what will happen at the end of August

Maria Fernandez

08/17/2023 at 17:00


After going through the third wave of sweltering heat in summer, temperatures across the country are gradually dropping. Not far from those 45 degrees that hit several communities, especially in the south, and forced thousands of citizens not to leave their homes and seize them. Measures against heat. Now, the situation has changed.

State Meteorological Agency Favorite The alarm has sounded on several occasions before the advent of amateurs making weather forecasts based on traditional and pseudoscientific methods such as the cabañuelas. However, society consumes the content of these people who, despite not having the necessary training, get it right on many occasions.

This is the case of Jorge Rey, A young man predicted the Philomena phenomenon Since then, he has taken his opinion about the climate in the country into consideration.

through his YouTube channelHe explained that the expected temperatures for the week of August Bridge will continue to rise, but they will decrease significantly with the period immediately preceding. the guy Youtube He even dared to warn of the arrival of the rains from Flying ant control.

Furthermore, Ray has repeated on several occasions This summer is marked by a marked increase in the presence of crickets and wasps, which could be associated with a possible drop in temperatures. From this perspective, the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) agrees with the young meteorologist, because it predicts a hot weekend in August (with a dip in thermometers of up to four degrees).

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What they differ the most is that Ray asserts that rain will arrive in the remaining two weeks of August while Aemet does not expect rain this month. Time will tell who is right.


On June 10, Mario Picazo finally confirmed the arrival of “El Niño”: “The” El Niño “phenomenon is now official and is expected to continue over the next few months to intensify with an anomaly in sea temperature that could turn it into an intense phenomenon.”

In addition, He insists that he will keep his followers updated about its course and its consequences. “We will follow its development from here until the end of 2023.”

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