Kilian Journet will not run the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc due to injury

Kilian Journet will not be last on the starting line for the next edition of the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc. Last year’s winner With a stratospheric record of going under 20 hours by completing 171 kilometers and 10,000 meters of positive slope of the road in 19 hours 49 minutes 30 secondsannounced that the physical problems he had been suffering from in recent weeks had prompted him to give up running the race with the start-finish line in Chamonix.

“No UTBM for me this year. I still can’t run and due to the sacral injury we decided it was best to prioritize a good recovery And try to do something fun when the pain goes away,” Jornet wrote on his Instagram.

Serre Zainal had dropped Journet on 12 August For that groin discomfort that came up the day he fulfilled this year’s UTMB running requirement. the Being in the UTMB means getting a running stone (Finishing a UTMB Series event or a UTMB World Series race). For this reason, he signed up on July 15 to start the 16-kilometer test run of the Eiger Ultra Trail by the UTMB in Grindelwald (Switzerland).

Journet had to finish the race to achieve his goal. He entered the 48th place with a time of 1h48:11. During this, he was seen limping somewhat in one leg. He later explained at the finish line: “Two days ago, after amazing weeks of training, I felt a lot of pain in my right buttock, so I didn’t want to take any chances.”

What seemed like a muscle problem or tendonitis mutated, after a medical exam, into bone edema. At the end of July, Journet had already warned about this situation: “Most likely I came back too fast to do a really big race after weeks of expedition in the Himalayas, as we always come in a bit weaker, especially this year with the virus and the avalanche, and I haven’t worked as hard to take care of my weak left leg… It’s a bad time to have this injury so close to the races, but injury management and recovery are part of an athlete’s life. I will focus on recovering now and see when I can get back to racing.”

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Now it is confirmed that running should be stopped until after UTMB which on September 1st hosts the start of its own Queen’s Test.

Courtney Dowalter, for the historic trilogy

Courtney Dowalter Yes, she will be at the start of the UTMB for the challenge of winning another 100+ mile test after being best in Western states and Hardrock, with records, in the US and within a three-week cut-off.

June 25th Won Western States (100 mi/160 km through California’s Sierra Nevada) with a time of 15 hours, 29 minutes, 33 seconds. Dauwalter finished sixth in the combined men’s and women’s standings.

he July 15 Hardrock (102.5 mi/165 km in the San Juan Range, southern Colorado) captured. She reached the finish line with a time of 26:14:08 and was fourth in the total time between men and women.

Now he is going to UTMB, a date he has already won in 2019 and 2021. Since 2019, he has won 21 of the 23 races he has entered. On that track, he was only left out of the game in the aforementioned Western states, the Hardrock 100 of 2021, in which he gave up, not counting Barclay (Marathon and Ultra) where only one can win.

Dauwalter kicked off 2023 with a win at the Bandera 100K. She became the first woman to go under 9 hours in this test, which is held in Texas (8:59:34). In February he won the Tour of Transgrancanaria with a time of 14 hours 40 minutes 39 seconds.. Never before has a woman gone under 15 hours in such a race. This summer has already added two victories in the US for Western States, and the Hardrock 100.

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