Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid has resigned: There will be early elections

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at a press conference on October 21, 2020 (EUROPA PRESS / O.CAÑAS)

Madrid’s regional president, the conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has dissolved her government and will call early elections, as announced by her vice president, Ignacio Aguado.From the centrist liberal party CitizensWho was ruling the capital region in alliance with the governors.

The resignation comes in the context of a confrontation at the national level between Popular partyTo which Ayusu belongs, and CitizensAfter Wednesday, the centrist formation put an end to the formation of the coalition government with the governors in the region Murcia To seek rule with socialists.

Then Blame movementThe Madrid Board of Directors met this Wednesday, as usual every week. over there The regional president conveyed her decision to call elections on May 4.

Sources from the Madrid Regional Government confirmed that the goal of the President of Madrid is Thus any suggestion of censure by Ciudadanos and the socialists was avoided.If a motion of censure is made, no elections can take place, “ They said. Ayuso will appear in the next few hours.

The president of Madrid is currently governing in alliance with CitizensBut it needs the support of far-right MPs Fox To add an absolute majority in the regional parliament.

“It’s a pitcher of cold water for the people of Madrid. Sure, on a personal whim, Madrillin will have to come back to vote. This is very bad news. It seems to us absolutely irresponsible.”Aguadu said upon announcing Ayusu’s resignation. Aguado stressed that the Madrilenian “does not deserve to pay for the corruption of the Murcia B party in Madrid.” Murcia has no relationship with Madrid yet the president condemns the people of Madrid for taking the consequences personally., He said.

Vice President, Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado (EUROPA PRESS / M.FERNÁNDEZ)
Vice President, Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado (EUROPA PRESS / M.FERNÁNDEZ)

Regional administration is Responsible for health policy s You are responsible for your response to the Coronavirus And spread the vaccine.

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Conservatives rule in alliance with liberals in two other Spanish regions: Castile and Leon (North Central) and Andalus (South). Over the past months Rumors and speculation about clashes between conservatives and liberals in those areas And possible proposals to place censure by citizens and socialists for removing the People’s Party from the governments concerned.

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