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Along with Dolce de Lecce, Bus, Picana, and Prom, Argentina indicates that the indigenous system is vice president as a form of government.

Along with Dulce de Lecce, Bus, Picana and Prom, Argentina refers to the Vice President as a form of government as an original innovation. It does not matter that the Constitution of 1853 states that the national executive is a single authority with enormous powers and that its deputy is relevant only at the time of the succession. Not even in the Senate a deputy votes, except for rare relationships. None of this matters. Whoever holds additional power today (as defined in the Constitutional Act of the Vice President) leads the destinies of the nation with de facto legitimacy of origin but, in particular, with practice.

It is already known that there is no historical record of a vice president nominating the president. Here it happened. With this video taped to Facebook on a Saturday afternoon, which was recorded only with audio as if it were an Eva speech from the middle of the last century, the vice president’s parentage was born today.

Two or three letters from the same deputy to the faithful, a deceptive declaration that should have been a procedural act of a criminal defendant that turned into yesterday’s discussion and speech on Memorial Day, She culminated in the legitimacy of an exercise that proves she is the director. Let’s end the discussions. Christina controller. Moist water (a metaphor I’ve been using, by the way, since high school thanks to my philosophy teacher).

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There was not the slightest objection from the holder of the greatest power in this country before the 24th of March. The history was highlighted as a national holiday to say that 1976 was the last time the rule of law was boycotted. Unanimous hype (or almost) that does not admit the cracks. It contradicts the position of the First Deputy Judge to the President, and goes beyond the memory and believes that her political life, her view of what must be done and her vision of things are more important than the coup. Because here’s what it was: The CFK speech yesterday was a personal statement of what government is and how it should be managed. Almost a message could have been heard on March 1 in the Legislative Council.

Cristina has already made it clear what justice should be for this administration. Those who do not understand it in this way are merely doers of legal fiction invented by their scale under the name of legal warfare. Later, he demanded a change in the health system for social and paid work. Yesterday added what is the economic policy (“We cannot push, with a bilateral monetary economy, it will be very difficult to rule Argentina.”He defined foreign relations (he shook the United States as traitors in complicity with the dictatorship, in the Malvinas war and in the debts owed to the International Monetary Fund).

Let's end the discussions.  Christina controller
Let’s end the discussions. Christina controller

Is there anyone who doubts that she is the one who governs? The economy, health, justice and international framework are determined by a deputy. What about the political administration? Also. Or maybe your political minister, the interior minister and the president of Cambora, isn’t a pure Christina? Does anyone suspect it is she?

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What about the president? The man who leads the destinies of the nation legally? Here are two options. First: a man burdened with the extra weight of his deputy, knowing that he only got there with borrowed votes that restricted him, unless he freed himself with good personal management (the epidemic encouraged him to believe that he could, for example, and that. He had already disappeared), blew up his ministers (sank Losardo, Bielsa, Colvas, Guzmán damaged), Finally lethargic, by ultimately harassing his successor rather than harassing him.

The second: He who knows that he is signing as a simple agent of another, as suggested by the skilled journalist Rosario Erdi, Comfortable in his intimate forum with the writer’s role that will remain, however, in constitutional history (it should be noted that on March 1 last year he asked in his speech “How do I want to remember?” Are you thinking of memory?). A man who knows that everyone knows that the vice president prevails in history and the present and because he was inevitable when he said, “Yes, I swear.”

Even if some say that he himself is astonished at the surprise of those who did not understand what it was and what it was.

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