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Featherweight went on to sing on a popular TV show in the US where he did not give credit to the song’s author. Netizens warned her that her position is very similar to that of the character “Coco”.

Featherweight has become a musical phenomenon, so much so that it has been compared to Bad Bunny and not exactly for throwing cell phones at his fans. The singer who was recently awkward encounter with the driver Venerable MontagueHe, and one of his friends, pointed out the similarities between his story and the Pixar film coconut.

The relationship between singers Peso Pluma and Pedro Tovar has been compared to that of two characters in the Disney animated film based on Day of the Dead. This, since the previous days, lFans of the group Eslabón Armado (of which Tovar is the singer) accused Featherweight of completely appropriating the popular song “Ella Baila Sola” and leaving Pedro in oblivion..

It all started when Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Featherweight, was invited to attend The Tonight Show, an American television program hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon. According to fans of the regional Mexican music band, Featherweight did not give credit to the author of the famous melody by appearing without the composer “Ila Baila Sola” who is Pedro Tovar.

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Through social media, Pedro shared a message in which he stated that he was upset and disappointed that the singer did not invite him. Netizens did not miss this controversial moment and sent letters of support to the composer. Also, users sent a warning to “Double P”, reminding him to be careful because his story was too similar to his own. coconut.


in the animated film coconutThe most famous musician is Ernesto de la Cruz (Marco Antonio Solís), who is famous for plagiarizing songs written by Hector (Gael García Bernal), among them “Requidam”. At the end of the story it is revealed that the tune was composed for Mama Coco and that Ernesto is actually nothing more than a fake, having a happy ending for Miguel and his family..

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