MWC 2022: The robot dog is the sensation, and all its functions make it feel like a real animal

Cyberdog gives a “paw”. (Photo: Country)

You may have heard it said, or even said, that a dog is man’s best friend. That’s why and find out who doesn’t love dogs? xiaomi Presented its flagship product in Mobile World Congress 2022And the Which can become the future “electronic friend” of people who love pet dogs.

While other companies Technique Show what’s new phones And the Hardware in their positions, The Chinese company took its novelty on a tour at MWC. This is his cyberdog Mini robot (20kg only) futuristic dog shaped.

Its metal and plastic body, in a glossy gray finish, can be uncomfortable to look at when you’re sleeping or resting. Everything changes when he wakes up. start at Walk, jump a little on its hind legs or get up as if you are begging for food. You can also do it upside down “Give a paw”

How does CyberDog work

Thanks to Xiaomi’s own motion motors, “Cyberdog” is capable of a rotational speed of 220 rpm.

In terms of speed, you can Run 3.2 meters per second (or 11.5 kilometers per hour). All this while you can carry up to 3 kg of extra weight on your back. Something small, He can bring the owner some newspapers for him cell phone Or even a wallet.

she has Six cameras and 11 sensors Which allows the Cyberdog to distinguish colors, capture depth, detect things to avoid and even Get to know the owner.

Its standalone mode defines specific people to follow wherever they are. You can also understand basic commands, such as start walking, Although so far it is only in Chinese.

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What technology does CyberDog use?

for him Artificial intelligence Compact will allow you to learn New movements or commands or adapt to different software In the future.

In addition to the automatic mode, the operator can control the “Cyberdog” by a mobile app. Its controls seem intuitive and equal It can be compared to driving a car in some of them games favorite races, With virtual joysticks to control movement and direction.

All its basic functions and positions are available in cell phone And in the event of a problem, it can be disconnected by pressing the corresponding command. through the app, You can also see the remaining battery life of the robot dog. In this sense, its current battery (5000 mA) Lasts 1 hour of autonomy And the It recharges in 3 or 4 hours.

Xiaomi Cyberdog.  (Photo: Yahoo News)
Xiaomi Cyberdog. (Photo: Yahoo News)

An open source bot to give it multiple uses

In other words, it can be modified to accommodate all kinds of orders and services, According to the needs of each developer.

For example, you can consider turning this electronic dog into a file Monitoring device Thanks to the camera (which records everything that happens).

It can also be used for Helping the elderly or disabled. It is expected that new functions and additions for this device (or mascot) will appear in the coming months.

But the robot dog extension is more than just programming; Thanks to the different connectors on the back, You can add cameras, sensors and all kinds of peripherals.

Xiaomi Cyberdog There’s one thing he can’t do: bark. Although the Chinese company does not plan to create a 2.0 version that can respond to the user, it plans to do so in FUTURE VERSIONS This robot dog will be able to detect scents.

Cyberdog.  (Photo: TechCrunch)
Cyberdog. (Photo: TechCrunch)

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