iPhone 15 show event will be recorded in advance

It seems Apple’s live events have ceased to make sense and recordings are picky, so it will be the same again with the iPhone 15.

Once again, the iPhone 15 event will be a sign-up

Barely a month separates us from the presentation of the iPhone 15, and everything seems to indicate that Apple will repeat the strategy of previous years this year. the Keynote iPhone 15 will be pre-registeredthough as a personal event with members of the media invited to Apple Park and a chance to try out the new hardware.

These types of recorded presentations started in the pandemic years and Apple seems to have liked the concept. Many of us expected that In mid-2023, we will return to classic Apple presentations With different executives taking the stage to tell us the news, but it looks like this segment will be pre-recorded in advance.

Apple’s classic presentations could have been over

There are already many Cascade Apple events using this hybrid system Where, despite the presence of guests in person at the event, they see exactly the same thing we all see from home: a kind of movie previously scored by Apple. This has its pros and cons like everything.

Keynote speech by Tim Cook

iPhone 15 show event will be recorded in advance

On the other hand, Apple can Better control of time That the event continues, in addition, it can be Avoid embarrassing moments Where the device is not behaving properly or one of the bidders has some negligence. In addition, Apple can create Amazing animation Show us differently Apple Park locations.

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However, with these kinds of events, loses part of the essence One of the famous key words of Apple that Steve Jobs made very modern. The event seems less personal and familiar, as well There are no pauses when Apple workers begin to applaud For a new feature or new device.

A little bit of the Steve Jobs’ best moments are on stage at an Apple keynote, like when he presented the MacBook Air in an envelope, when he pulled his new device out of his little trouser pocket or the iconic presentation of the original iPhone. It seems that something is missing.

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