The blow dealt by Hollywood blows to the Spanish economy

Protests from screenwriters and actors reached our country with projects that were in pre-production.

The strike of Hollywood screenwriters and actors continued, and protests reached our country. Spain has in recent years become one of the greatest film clusters for North American cinema, so the consequences of the double strike are also affecting our region.

a total of noNine US projects that were in pre-production in Spain have been temporarily put on holdAccording to the media five days. less than a week ago EFE She confirmed that four photo sessions that were scheduled to take place at the end of this year have been postponed until 2024.

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One of the productions that survived the break is the second season of Dragon housea prequel to HBO to game of thrones Which Spain uses in some of its scenarios.

diverse He noted that the fictional staff, which consists mainly of actors from the United Kingdom, work under contracts governed by it justicelocal union. Technically, this allows Fantasy to continue filming because Equity does not have legal permission to strike in solidarity with the US SAG-AFTRA union.

Not only Dragon house Spain used as a framework, game of thrones He did too. Our country was also the location that director Wes Anderson chose to shoot his latest project Asteroid Citywhich was recorded in Chinchon (Madrid). institution to + AppleTV And the crown From Netflix are other titles that have made Spain their collection.

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On May 2, the Screenwriters Union Writers Guild of America (WGA) has begun its strike. one of the actors, Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), joining them July 14. They both rebel against Motion Picture Alliance And TV producers Request functional improvements and fight the access and capabilities of artificial intelligence.

The strike caused all North American productions to cease except those that carried them out A 24. This independent production company is not part of the Alliance Motion Picture and Television Producers.

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