In Salta, Tayana supervised the “General Arias” exercise, in which more than 3,000 members of the Argentine army are participating

“We are having a very intense and valuable day, accompanying the troops in their training,” said Tayana, after the reception given by the so-called “Infernal de Gomez,” members of the 5th Cavalry Regiment of Mountain Exploration, “General Martin Miguel Gomez.”

Accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Major General Agustin Humberto Sejas, the Ministers of Security of Salta, Juan Manuel Bolleiro, and the Government, Ricardo Villada, the Minister of Defense emphasized that it is “a very positive training for the men and women of the force who have been training for more than ten days, as well as Providing social assistance tasks in different societies.

He continued, “I congratulate you for the effort you are making and the abilities you have shown. These types of exercises make us proud. I would like to express my gratitude for the quality and dedication of our military personnel.”

The combined Rapid Deployment Force is operated by the forces of the 4th Airborne Brigade, the Xma Mechanized Brigade and the Special Operations Forces grouping in northwestern Argentina with the support of elements of the Vta Brigada de Montaña, de Aviación. Army and Air Force.

The training involves paratroopers, mechanized troops, special operations forces, and specialized forces in Puna, Salta and Jujuy, as well as from Buenos Aires, La Pampa, and Cordoba. In addition, the participation includes nearly 200 ground vehicles, a UH.1H military helicopter, a Bell 206 B1/B3, a CASA C-212, Cessna Caravan, and two A-4AR Fightinghawk combat aircraft.

Minister Tayana during the day boarded a C-130 Hercules and witnessed the parachute landing of the forces of the 4th Airborne Brigade, which was carried out in the framework of the implementation of airborne operations with the firing of paratroopers of the Argentine army. Argentine Air Force aircraft.

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The official later traveled on an Argentine army plane to Oran airport, where he witnessed air assault operations. He then made a tactical flight on an Army Aviation helicopter and observed the soldiers descending the ropes from the helicopters.

Finally, already on the ground from an observatory post, the owner of the bag attended exercises with engineer operations through restrooms, field artillery fire, close air support, special operations forces with the launch of parachutes and the use of drones.

Exercise “General Arias”

The exercise began with various planning, transportation and travel procedures. Operations began with the transfer of approximately 200 support and rail transport vehicles.

Troops were mobilized in Air Force planes and army helicopters carried out a flight plan that surprised several cities in the country with an extraordinary amount of formation flight.

Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers apply all of their tactical and technical knowledge as well as their conditions to adapt to life in the field in different geographical environments, since most military units come from other provinces.

During these days, in the practice of tactical operations, they have already made almost a thousand parachute jumps, vehicle movements, foot marches, flights in their planes and helicopters.

This type of exercise also includes a significant logistical effort in terms of travel, fuel and food supplies, as well as detailed forecasts for the Military Health System to assist and evacuate personnel in the event of potential eventualities.

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