Keys to living better. How does your posture affect your health?

Being straight, well planted, and having a straight back makes you reflect the image of a healthy person, with an energetic, positive and successful demeanor. talk about it Confidence, security, power and self-esteem.

exactly the contrary, If we shrink we will reflect a negative attitude As well as a little openness towards others. Psychological studies conducted on the situation concluded that It expresses an individual’s feelings towards the people around him Our nonverbal language can influence and even change our mood.

“Stand up straight” “Revenge” How many of us have heard these words from our parents or teachers? Well, they were right. Research reveals how upright and strong posture affects self-esteem And the way you see yourself can affect the way others perceive you.

For many years I worked in companies, I sat for hours and hours at a desk, and over the years I had back, waist and neck pain. Also, my spine is no longer on its axis. Sound familiar? My situation at that point was completely distorted.

Doing yoga for at least 10 minutes daily helps improve postureshutterstock – shutterstock

Luckily I discovered yoga. In the bank where I worked, there were lessons in the noon, twice a week, which were pioneering at that time, I must admit. yoga It changed my body and kept me in the right posture. Exercising for at least 10 minutes a day makes a differenceSince good posture is more than just standing straight to look your best, it is an investment in long-term health because it can prevent pain and injury.

If practicing yoga isn’t your thing, Be aware of your appearance It can help you correct this bad posture. like that Breathing exercises Which is highly recommended when it comes to attending.

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We must have the same posture when sitting, be aware of the message we are conveying as well as take care of ourselves. Some tips that can help you: When you are sitting for example, it is recommended Tighten your muscles every 40 minutes, get up and walk around the office or around your house. Other tips Do not cross your legs and put your feet on the ground. Also, having a comfortable chair helps a lot. The elbows should be close to the body and the elevated computer should work as well.

The type of shoes you wear is key to attitude, Being comfortable and wearing the right shoes for every activity is a priority. Finally, it is very important to note The body definitely affects the mind. It is very important to have a positive self-evaluation and learn to like what you see, no matter how amazing it seems.

If you work for long hours sitting in a chair, experts recommend using a comfortable chair to avoid suffering from the consequences of poor posture
If you work for long hours sitting in a chair, experts recommend using a comfortable chair to avoid suffering from the consequences of poor posturestock struggle

When it comes to body image, most of us generally We are our worst critics. When others see us, they rarely see the same person we see looking at ourselves in the mirror.

While it’s true that some of us see ourselves physically as more positive than others, most of us don’t. So the question is, how does our physical appearance affect mental well-being? Getting started with good posture is indeed a great achievement!!

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