In Germany they discover the brutal defense mechanism with which Julius Caesar protected his cities

The Romans actually used barbed wire to defend their lands. This is the proof of that found in Germany.

The Romans used a differential strategy when defending fortifications. picture: ancient origins

Over the years, security measures to make a certain place impregnable have offered solutions of a digital or technical nature, but the truth is that traditionally effective proposals always end up being outdated. The best proof of this is seeing what is happening in prisons around the world. It is the use of barbed-wire based technologies that allows us to avoid the temptation to do so Anyone trying to cross a certain space. Now, how long has this technology been used?

A new study has just revealed that present-day Germany, when occupied by the Romans, also had a solution to these characteristics to be able to counter potential enemy superiority. Julius Caesar is famous for it Be a great strategist when attacking positions or defending on its territory, so a whole series of measures were carried out to achieve this. Among them, the design of this trap has emerged as one of the most interesting choices out of all that have been applied. The remains found indicate this.

Let’s see, then, What are the most important features of this approach? The Romans coined it to improve the security of their fortifications, why it is an act of engineering that prevented the enemy from entering a particular castle at will, and of course how much the discovery of the remains revealed this bizarre defense mechanism.

The discovery gives clues about the defensive strategies of the Romans

At the moment we use artificial intelligence to be able to see ourselves as the Romans many centuries ago, but the truth is that we have been able to discover different aspects of their way of life through successive excavations made after indications of their existence turned up. According to his research Science livesteam from Students of Goethe University Frankfurt He was able to find this strange defensive measure by doing some archaeological studies.

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The find in question was made in the town of Belskopf Hill. In it it was possible to notice the remains of a mixture of plants with spikes whose purpose was to stop the possible advance of the enemy, as well as the arrangement of a series of sharp branches in the lower part that could serve as a trap pit. It was an ingenious containment system whose main goal was Prevent invaders from gaining easy access for a specific immunization.

Related investigations indicate that a base camp was established to protect a possible silver mine in the vicinity. Trench construction can be the first stage of the project, as it is not used to obtain materials, It has been redesigned to be able to be used as a protection measure. Placing the branches lower will allow enemy fighters to deflect their aim to reach the fortification.

Whatever the case, the Romans began introducing wire fences, a technology that, decades later, Continue to play a different role in protection certain area or, simply put, to avoid crossing the place where they are located. Who knows if this defensive technique was actually used by the Romans or if they were the pioneers?

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