Why did WhatsApp add you as a contact

During the past days, WhatsApp users have been aware of the arrival of Video Messages, the new tool that changes the way messages are sent.

This is why the messaging service has a certain way of announcing the start of this new job, something that has annoyed more than one.

WhatsApp added you as a contact: reasons.

Recently, customers of the app have noticed that from one moment to the next, the company has been sending them a series of messages, indicating the arrival of the aforementioned tool.

Yes, and oddly enough, this is why the messaging service is reserved for the vast majority of its users.

In this way, WhatsApp has created a channel so that all the new functions that have been added to the instant messaging application are known.

Now, in the event that the user does not receive these shipments, there is a mechanism not to neglect them and to know everything:

  1. Enter WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the news tab, where the states are located
  3. Enter the channels within states or also called state.
  4. Locate the “Additional Channels” option.
  5. There will be one exclusive to WhatsApp.
  6. Shares all the official news of the application.

WhatsApp “Anti Spy Mode”: what it is and how to activate it

The function of this tool is to prevent the user from spying through the camera and other variables of their mobile phone.

It should be noted that the functionality is available for both Android and iOS devices and without the need to download external applications on the messaging service.

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With this in mind, you must follow a series of simple steps:

  • Locate the WhatsApp icon on the cell phone’s home screen.
  • Hold it for a few seconds
  • Among the options that will appear, tap “i” or “Information. From the application”.
  • Click Permissions.
  • There will appear “with permission” option, which will work so that they don’t spy.
  • Click on the “Camera” option and then “Do not allow”.
  • Do the same for “Microphone” and “Location.”

In this way, the component will be passed to the “no permission” section. It is important to clarify that it will no longer be possible to send voice notes, take photos or send locations via WhatsApp, since previously components had to be granted access again.

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