I am concerned about the advance of the far right

he Pope Francisco He gave an interview to the channel C5N prior to hospitalization for infectious bronchitis He referred to a range of diverse topics. between them, He addressed the reality of Argentina and expressed concern about the “advancement of the far right”, with an explanation The only antidote to combat it is “social justice”.

“The far-right is always rebuilding itself because it’s a central attraction. The antidote would be social justice, nothing else.” The Argentine pope, who this year celebrated his decade at the head of the Catholic Church, declared vigorously.

Regarding the political leadership of the country, Bergoglio asked: “Come, let’s do something for the country.” In addition, he asserted that Argentines “love inmates and build an internship on anything,” and added, “Our internal habit is harmful and stronger than basic belongings.”

On the other hand, Francisco noted the division of politics and “the danger to democracy by figures without a livelihood who present themselves as saviors of the homeland.” He told the journalist, “When a savior comes along with no history, be skeptical.”

The Pope insisted on returning to dialogue and “ethnic politicians” and knew that “politics is a service, not an electoral group.”

“It’s embarrassing that a politician has so many political divorces and they’ve been to so many parties and they’re constantly changing at their convenience and presenting themselves as saviors of the country,” he said. He pointed out that “political and religious affiliation is not a garment that you change, rather you carry it inside.”

Jorge Bergoglio referred to the hatred within politics and said that it is the product of “a distillation of what some bad politicians produce. Politics is a call to the nobility that, if one abuses and corrupts it, produces a reaction in the other.”

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The Pope also referred to the practices of some media and warned that no one can go ahead with slander, defamation and false condemnation. “The medium has to tell the truth and the idea of ​​the truth itself. Communication ethics is a serious problem,” he said.

In addition, he stressed the idea of ​​including everyone in the Church, regarding homosexuals and divorcees: “You can’t divide everyone inside, as Jesus says. They are all children of the Church.”

Finally, he left a reflection on Argentine society. “The question I ask any Argentine is do you love your country or have you lost your sense of home?” “There is a reduction of patriotism in ideologies and that is bad, because patriotism is an expression of the people.” I finish.

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