Unusual: A farmer rolled a stone and changed borders between France and Belgium

a farmer From a Belgian town Erquelinnes He wanted to drive his tractor across a field, but when a stone blocked his way, he moved it. What this man does not know is that because of this possibility he has modified the boundaries between them Belgium s France.

The change in cartography was discovered by a group of “history buffs”, such as Jean-Pierre Chopin, Philip Fayette and Jean-Paul Mayo, when they were walking around with time maps.

Weigh the respective stone 150 kg And displacement of the border in 2,29 meters. Engraved with a date 1819, Established Frontera After defeat Napoleon in 1815 In the Belgian town Waterloo, Before Belgium was formed as a country, in 1830.

About the reasons for this movement, there are two stories circulating among the townspeople: Some say that the rock moved to it Maneuver Better with jars, but others suggest farms are on purpose Expand your farm.

“The boundary of 1819 has been changed, and Belgium and our municipality have been expanded. Obviously the French do not agree, so we will have to put things back in place,” the mayor of the Belgian municipality of Erquilinas wrote on Facebook, David Laveau, Who was drawn to a point of contention with the French TF1 crew. According to officials from both countries, the plan now is to ask the farmer to replace the stone in its place of origin.

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However, if the man does not comply, the matter could end up in a ministry Foreign relations Belgium, which in turn must convene a committee on the Belgian-French border, Thing It hasn’t happened since 1930.

“But if you show good intentions, you will not face any problem, and we will solve this problem in a friendly way,” the mayor told the local newspaper. Sudinfo.

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