How to translate text from an image using Google Translate

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As part of the special functions of mobile phones, the option to translate images, text and audio into other languages ​​is one of the most useful options, especially for those users who travel to countries where different languages ​​are spoken or if they are taking classes to learn something new.

In the case of Android mobile phones, they usually have some pre-loaded Google applications, such as translation, which facilitates learning and real-time communication with other people as long as relevant dialogue or queries are generated. The language supported by your system.

Although iOS mobile phones have the virtual assistant Siri, they can also download the Google Translate app because it is also compatible.

Image translation feature from Google Translate. (how geek)

If you want to translate images from any device, users have two methods that can vary in use based on the needs and context in which users find themselves: Allow the application to scan content in real time from your cell phone. Camera or import an image from gallery to translate it from your system.

To run these operations, users must follow these steps:

To translate in real time this way, users must make sure they download the translation app on their device and open it to start using it. Next you will have to select the button with the camera icon located at the bottom right of the screen.

Instead of showing a white background as it usually happens when opening the application, the image captured by the camera will be seen with buttons such as detecting the source language and choosing a translation. In addition, there will be a main photo capture button.

Google Translate instant translation feature. (how geek)

Once both the source and target languages ​​are selected, users will need to approach the text they want to translate and take a photo. Google’s artificial intelligence will recognize the letters and words in the image to replace them with virtual text boxes in the new version.

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The translation he offers is not word for word but takes into account what is meant by creating the correct text.

“Live” translation from Google Translate can also be used in these cases and access is the same. However, instead of tapping the shutter button to take a photo, users will simply need to point the camera at where the text is, which will automatically be translated into the selected language.

In the case of translating using a cell phone gallery, the steps are very similar. You must click on the camera-shaped icon, then select the source and destination language.

Image translation feature from Google Translate. (how geek)

However, instead of taking a photo using the on-screen shutter button, you’ll have to tap the group of photos at the bottom left.

This special button will take the application directly to access the cell phone gallery which will be divided by albums. Users will be able to view different collections by browsing through the selection button located at the top left of the screen.

When you import them into the app, Google Translate will translate all the words and text it detects in the images and will replace them back with text boxes containing the translated version.

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