An unexpected guest: The family found a sea lion sleeping at the entrance to their house

The animal was resting and found this safe place away from traffic and dogs (Department of Conservation Facebook)

A hug from sea ​​Wolf He starred in a scene of peace and quiet outside the house Wellington, New Zealand. The family living in the aforementioned residence had returned from the street when they found the animal next to the entrance mat and decided to take a photo to remember the tender moment.

he sea ​​Wolf He was falling asleep without any worry, and everything seemed to indicate that he had reached the house with his flippers, since it was located near the sea. The family contacted the authorities Wildlife To protect animal And he received attention.

administration New Zealand Ministry of Conservation He shared the story via his account. Facebook She explained that this type of seal needs to rest from time to time, which is why it is common to see them lying in places close to their natural environment.

Sea lion after being moved to a place close to its home (Department of Conservation on Facebook)

According to New Zealand authorities, the sea lion climbed the stairs of the beach wall, crossed a busy road and climbed a corridor until it reached the entrance of the house. The animal made this long journey just to sleep for a while.

“Our officer at Kapiti Wellington was called to pick up the baby seal and take her to a safe place around the coast, where she can rest without having to worry about dog Or traffic,” explained Department of Conservation management.

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The authorities explained that during this time of the year Young seals And the Males of all ages leave their colonies. These animals are independent and although they move in groups to migrate, the largest number of sightings are recorded during the months of May and September.

“She may appear very thin or sick, with watery eyes and coughing, but these are normal behaviors in this species,” the reserve’s management commented. Conservation Department In a post on your account Facebook. “Seals are very resistant animals. If you see one on land, remember that they just want to rest,” he added.

The authorities explained that if the specimen is injured, is in bad condition, or is trapped in a fishing net, it is necessary to call the emergency line, because in these cases the animal’s life is in danger.

Between May and September, the highest number of sightings of sea lions outside their habitat were recorded (EFE/Manuel Bruque)

he New Zealand Ministry of Conservation He explained that seeing a seal at the entrance of a house is a major event, given the latest deaths of animals of this type that were recorded in the country.

At the beginning of September, 23 specimens of seals of different ages and decomposition were found on the coasts Ocean Beach. The authorities called on residents to pay attention to all samples found within a 30-kilometre radius, because they most likely need help.

The autopsy they performed on Massey University He pointed out that these animals died of hunger. “Dead seals should not be touched. Please report any such findings to the hotline,” commented the administration’s marine scientific advisor, Laurent Bourin.

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