How to know the real-time location of any WhatsApp contact

The WhatsApp It is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide, with an approximate number of 2 billion users.

Among all the functions on the platform, there are several that are extremely important Useful and even safe, In these times. One of them is unknown by most of the users and it is “Real-time location.”

what is he talking about? It is an option that can be used to provide information to third parties about your location every second. For example, so that a friend can follow you until you reach the desired destination, without any inconvenience occurring along the way.

Step by Step.

The location can be shared with a specific contact or it can be grouped. To do this, you must have it GPS enabled So that the cell phone can access the geolocation.

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Once you open the chat where you want to share the information, choose “Location” in the options section. There, two options will open and you will have to choose to submit the ‘Real-time location’.

This way, the contact or contacts can see on the map how they are moving in real time, as you go. WhatsApp, in this sense, offers you to set the time during which you want to share the location.

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The options in this case are three: for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

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