Israel is moving toward a government without Netanyahu …

Political negotiations in Israel intensified on SundayA few days before the end of the coalition government formation period It could mark the end of the era Netanyahu. The ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett, Whose right-wing party considers the key to reversing the balance of government formation, He declared his support for the opposition bloc led by Yair Lapid Al-Wasat. After Israel went to four elections in just two yearsIn the midst of a long political siege and with a prime minister who failed to form an executive head with the right-wing bloc, The only current scenarios are “fifth elections” or “formation of a unity government” that you avoidBennett, determined to “take responsibility,” warned.

This computer entrepreneur who is today at the forefront of the right-wing movement won seven legislative seats on March 23. But one party member has already indicated that he will not cooperate with the anti-Netanyahu camp. A) Yes, And the bloc will still have to convince four other deputies to reach the necessary majority of 61 seatsAnd for that It could turn into the Arab Israeli partiesWho have not yet expressed their position.

It has been speculated that The recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement It could strengthen Netanyahu and improve his chances of staying in power. He was accused of corruption in three different casesAnd the “Baby” was quick to respond to Bennett’s advertisement accusing him of “fraud of the century.” And they “betray” the voters of the right.

“At this crucial moment we must assume responsibilities. I intend to do everything in my power to form a national unity government with my friend Yair Lapid.”Advertise at a press conference Bennett. Netanyahu’s former defense minister has again refused to form a right-wing coalition led by the prime minister, who has been in power in Israel for more than a decade.

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That attempt failed because We did not believe the promises they made to usBennett said of Netanyahu’s desperate proposal. According to local media, Bennett and Lapid will negotiate an alternate executive position at the head of government. The former will serve as prime minister for the first two years and will be replaced by the center in the last two years.

Bennett made his tech fortune and entered politics relatively late. But since 2013, this “religious nationalist” fighter has held five ministerial portfolios. Netanyahu’s former lawyer, 49-year-old former businessman Represents an extremist nationalist and right-wing movement in favor of the colonization of the occupied Palestinian territories, and an economically extremist liberal, An ideology that is difficult to align with the ideology of the other necessary parties in the so-called “Change Alliance”.

A few minutes after learning Bennett’s words, Netanyahu came out with earplugs to rebuke his former rival and ally for launching the “fraud of the century.” Instead of forming a dangerous left government, “we can create a right-wing executive” by rotation at the head of the government. Together with Bennett himself, the mentor is delightful, Netanyahu said. But Sarr, a former Likud activist, said on Twitter that he was not interested and wanted to continue with his plan: “To replace the Netanyahu regime.”

Netanyahu insisted that “this is very unconventional and completely circumvented, but the possibility of forming a left-wing government is worse,” adding that the majority of Israelis voted for a right-wing government because it is “the best for security and the future.

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Bennett’s decision, with seven seats to form him in Yamina, comes three days after the expiration of Lapid’s deadline to form a government.. The latter’s party, Yesh Atid, ranked second in terms of the number of votes (17 seats) after Netanyahu’s Likud, which won 30 seats in the general elections on March 23.

He had the mandate to form a government after Netanyahu’s failure, and he was the first to receive that committee from President Rivlin. In any case, the “Change Bloc” still lacks sufficient support to form an executive body, and it needs the support of the United List or the Islamist “Raem” party, both Arab parties. This would be an unprecedented move in Israel, as Arab-Israeli formations representing communities of Palestinian origin in the country have never supported governments made up of right-wing parties and often feature an anti-Arab narrative.

Although the next few hours will be essential, What happened on Sunday appears to be another step towards the end of the reign of Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history. 25 years ago, “Bibi” defeated the Labor Party and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres became prime minister for three years. In 2009 he returned to power and has not left it since.

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