How to convert a PDF to Word: all the ways

Want to edit a PDF but don’t know how? Here are the best ways to edit and convert a PDF to a Word document.

Converting a PDF to Word is a very easy task. This is possible through various methods and here we teach you how to do it quickly and safely.

As you already know, the shortcut PDF Refers to the type of document format often used to quickly and securely display and share digital information, and best of all, regardless of the computer operating system Where it is displayed This file format was developed by Adobe systems Since then it is used everywhere to exchange documents.

However, it is possible that sometimes you need to convert a PDF file into a Word document to make corrections or any kind of versioning, and here the question arises of how to do it. Therefore, on this occasion we explain There are different ways to perform the conversion In just a few seconds through simple ways.

Advantages of the PDF file format

These are some of the most important benefits of working with PDF files

These are some of the most important benefits of working with PDF files

First of all, it is important to know that keeping your information in a PDF file is very useful because this format allows you to maintain the graphic integrity of the content, that is, to display the content as it is regardless of the device, operating system or application in which you open the file. In addition, In this format you can combine different elements Such as images, text, videos, graphics, buttons, links, 3D models, animations, and more.

PDF files can be created easily and within a few minutes. In addition, they provide a list of tools through which you can Enable specific content protection Or the entire document with passwords, watermarks, or digital signatures. Another advantage is that these files can collect unlimited information and can therefore be compressed to a size that is easy to share, while always maintaining the same graphics quality.

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All the ways to convert PDF to Word

This popular format is designed to protect and preserve the content and design of documents, unaltered by the software or hardware on which they are viewed. for this reason, PDF files are difficult to edit And even sometimes, it can be difficult to extract information from them.

That is why, here we want to help you learn about the different ways to convert a PDF to a Word document, either through traditional methods Or other platforms that facilitate this process. If you still don’t know what all the models are, here we present each one of them.

Convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat

So you can convert your PDF file into a Microsoft Word document

So you can convert your PDF file into a Microsoft Word document

At the top of the list, we offer one of the fastest and safest ways to convert your PDF file into a DOC or DOCX file with just a few simple steps. First you should Open the PDF file in tumbler And click on the option PDF export, which is located in the Tools section – the left panel. Once you have completed this step, you will have to select the option export; If the PDF file is digital text, this PDF converter tumbler It will automatically recognize the information.

finally, Save your new Word document. To do this, you have to enter the file name, select its format (either .DOCX or .DOC) and press the button Memorizes And ready! This is how quickly you will get your new Word file, which you can edit without any problems. However, remember that when you perform this conversion, all formatting, fonts, tables, and other elements will also be converted.

Convert PDF to Word with Google Drive – Google Docs

You can also convert a PDF to Word using Google Drive, since one of the services you find on this platform is to open and edit documents online that you have stored in your cloud. In this case, what you need to do is simple Open the PDF file with a document editor GoogleAnd the content will be instantly editable.

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Even if you don’t make any modifications to the content, you can download a .DOCX file with just a few simple steps. Choose an option Archives, push the button Lay off Finally select the option Microsoft word. With this conversion method, you will actually convert your PDF file into a Word document.

Convert PDF to Word using Microsoft word

And with Microsoft Word, you can also quickly convert PDF files to Word documents

And with Microsoft Word, you can also quickly convert PDF files to Word documents

Microsoft Word is a program office With which you can directly open your PDF files. But, if you want to edit the content of the PDF file, you have to right click on the document and then click on it to open with and select the option word. Once you have completed these simple steps, the permission will appear on the screen. word Where it was announced that a copy of the PDF file will be made and converted to .DOCX format.

Choosing this conversion will not modify the original PDF file, it will only open a copy of it in the Word document version, you can edit this file and keep the changes you just have to do push the button Archives located at the top left of the Office program, then the Options section will be displayed which you have to click on Save asenter the new file name and format and you have the conversion from PDF to Word.

Convert PDF to Word using web platforms

There are other ways to convert this type of file and One of the most used sites are the free sites. This allows you to change the format brick in word within seconds and safely as it has been specifically designed for this type of conversion. In addition, the formatting of the content, that is, the fonts, alignment, and images of the PDF file will be preserved the same, regardless of whether the PDF file is viewed on a Mac or Windows laptop.

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The operation of these sites is very simple, all you have to do is access the site of your choice and upload the PDF file that you want to convert; This can be found stored on your computer or other platforms such as Google Drive also dropbox. Once you select a PDF file, Wait a few seconds for the document to download from the word. Of course, there are sites to edit PDF online for free, but there are many other alternatives such as iLove PDF, Easy PDF, Clever PDF, PDF2DOC, Among other things, with which you can safely make this transfer.

Convert PDF to Word using conversion software

PDFelement is one of the best tools for managing PDF files with which you can convert files in this format into Word documents

PDFelement is one of the best tools for managing PDF files with which you can convert files in this format into Word documents

And last but not least, here are software, software or apps created by third parties to convert PDF to Word file. However, this method is a bit tedious compared to the ones mentioned above, as it requires software to be downloaded and installed on your laptop. The truth is that And there are a lot of them; On this occasion we recommend some such SmallPDF, PDFelements, PDF Candy, and LightPDF.

in the case of the program PDFElementYou can download it to your computer or mobile device Once installed, you can edit your PDF file Just as if it were a Word document, that is, it is possible to add or delete texts, images, links, footers, watermarks, modify the font type, and much more. You can also save the file in .DOCX format.

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