France bans the use of Islamic robes in schools | Secularism in primary and secondary education

The French government has decided to ban primary and secondary school students from wearing the abayaFrench Education Minister Gabriel Atal announced, on Sunday, that this jacket is usually worn by Muslims in North Africa and Arab countries.

“It will no longer be possible to wear the abaya in school,” Attal said during an interview with TF1 TV channel. This dress It violates the strict rules of secularism in French education.

The abaya covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet. The use of this garment by teenagers has sparked controversy in France, especially due to criticism from the right and the far right.

The minister added: “When you enter the classroom, you should not be able to identify the religion of the students by looking at them.”

Representative Eric Ciotti, head of the opposition Los Republiconos party (right), “congratulated” himself on this decision, “which proves that we are right,” while left-wing deputy Clementine Otan considered it “unconstitutional” and criticized “government policy.” like”.

Although the French Council of the Muslim Community (CFCM) believes that it does not represent an Islamic symbolThe Ministry of Education had already published a circular last year allowing schools to ban this type of clothing, as well as gangs and skirts that are too long.

Bruno Popkiewicz, general secretary of the National Union of National Education Department Employees, said: “This slogan was not clear, now it is clear and we congratulate ourselves on it.”

France had already in 2004 banned the wearing of any prominent religious sign, such as the Islamic headscarf or kippah, in schools and institutes.

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