The upcoming battlefield is in danger and of great concern. Electronic Arts has completely closed the studio that was responsible for the campaign mode – Battlefield 2042

Ridgeline Games, a studio founded in 2021 to do the campaign for the next Battlefield game, has shut down; Criterion Games (Need for Speed ​​saga) will be responsible for the story mode

Bad news for those waiting for positive news about the next game in the Battlefield saga. We recently informed you that Electronic Arts has announced radical changes to the future of its games, and it is clear that this has negatively affected the upcoming ones. Dice shooter. Until now we knew that there were several studios working on this long-awaited sequel, but one of the teams was completely shut down.

As reported from VGCElectronic Arts has been completely shut down Ridgeline games, a study that was solely responsible for the campaign mode of the next Battlefield game. The studio was established in 2021 to work on a single-player experience that would have attracted players. This team, based in Seattle, has been expanding its staff and strengthening itself to build a “narrative campaign in the world.” Battlefield world“.

Aside from this, we already informed you a few days ago that the campaign director for the upcoming Battlefield game left EA a few days ago. Leto said in his account x/twitter That he was not aware of plans to close Ridgeline Games. EA Entertainment President Laura Milley commented that some developers will move to… Double effectthe study responsible for multiplayer in DICE's upcoming FPS game.

Criterion Games (Need for Speed) will be responsible for setting the campaign for the next battlefield

Everything we have explained to you is very bad news and worries many players. However, Criterion Games will be taking over the work done by Ridgeline Games, so… Need for Speed ​​game developers It will be formed Campaign mode fees From the next battlefield. This studio already has some experience supporting shooters such as Battlefield 2042 or Battlefield 5, as well as Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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EA talks about the upcoming Battlefield game

Millie spoke about the upcoming “Battlefield Universe” experience: “Today, we have The greatest Battlefield team in franchise history, with passionate people all over the world and our studios organized to leverage local excellence and leadership. “Marcus Lehto has recently made a personal decision to abandon the project,” he says.

“To ensure our work continues uninterrupted, we have appointed him with immediate effect Standards management To supervise our individual player work. As part of this change, we will close Ridgeline as an independent studio in Seattle, and some team members will join Ripple Effect. “They will continue to work with the DICE, Ripple, and Criterion teams as they build the next Battlefield experience,” he concludes.

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