Bitcoins can be earned in a video game similar to Pokémon Go

Key facts:
  • Users will be able to search for satoshis around them every 10 minutes.

  • In the future, players will be able to find collectibles that will give them more benefits.

Bitcoin-related service company Fold has released a limited trial version of a video game in which its users can earn satoshis, the minimum unit of Bitcoin (BTC).

The game, called FOLD AR, is available for mobile devices and was created in partnership with Niantic, the company behind the game Pokémon Go. In fact, the new video game has similar characteristics, Where players must “catch” Bitcoin, fold reports in a release.

Fold users can access the game through the company’s app. there they have The possibility of discovering SatoshiThe minimum fraction by which a bitcoin can be split. Specifically, 1 BTC is equivalent to 100 million satoshis.

They can also get other bonuses that appear every 10 minutes around them, such as extended time to stay in the game longer and “orange pills to protect themselves from harmful surprises”.

Users who have foldable visa card They may have other advantages, such as winning what the company calls “courses.” This will allow them Get more bitcoins, through the Fold app.

As in any video game, there are difficulties that prevent the user from winning easily. In this sense, Fuld warns: “Be careful because Chetcoins and poison pills are in your midst and threaten to withdraw your hard-earned bitcoins.”

Within the game there are also difficulties, such as poisonous orange pills. Source:

currently, The game is only available in the United States, although the developer is evaluating its expansion to other countries.

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The future of the video game and its purpose

Regarding the next plans for the new video game, they are planning to offer the players the option of higher rewards, Dice Will Reeves, CEO De Vold.

Reeves points out that future users They will be able to find collectibles It will allow them to get special privileges, greater chances of winning and other advantages

“We hope to leverage the effects of bitcoin’s natural network by creating a new way of interacting with bitcoin focused on fun and community,” adds Reeves.

Video game expansion with Bitcoin

The popularity of the leading cryptocurrency has led to many companies joining in creating games that include rewards with bitcoin.

A few months ago, the Spanish company launched the Satvival video game with the name mentioned Crypto News.

This consists of surviving on a desert island resisting the attack of live skeletons and other players. For this it is necessary to build a fortress with the materials available in the place. When the goals are completed, the The player receives rewards in Bitcoin.

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