How to add someone to WhatsApp without getting their number

between the mission hide from The WhatsAppThere are some that are completely unknown to the general public. One of them is related get contacts. Sometimes we want to get someone’s number but we can’t or dare not dial it. There is simply a way to get it.

About QR Codewhich allows Add people to whatsapp without asking for their number. The only requirement is to enable the app to access the camera. The Processing To achieve this is as follows:

Enter WhatsApp and click on Settings.

-In this section you can see your name and next to it is a QR code.

The secret is to use the “Scan QR” function in WhatsApp.

-Click on the QR code. At this point, ask the other person to do the same.

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-Just put a touch on “Scan Code”. Then scan the other person’s code. The conversation or message board will open. This way you can chat normally with this person without any problem.

It is possible to get someone’s contact without asking for their number, but we will have to ask them to allow us to scan their QR code.

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