How to activate and use Google Chat

Google Chat is free and available to all users with a Google account

Google recently announced that any user with a Gmail account will be able to freely access the workspace that was until now only available by subscription. Among the benefits offered in this collaborative ecosystem includes access to a more modern system with more options for Gmail, Docs, Google Chat. In this last space, photos, videos and messages can be shared easily and in the same space, through chat rooms.

To activate Google Chat in a Gmail mailbox, which is one of the first options already available for that package, you must follow these steps:

from computer:

Open Gmail and at the top right click on settings and then on “See all settings”. In the top margin, choose “Chat and meet”. To activate chat in Gmail, select Google Chat and then click Save changes.

To activate Google Chat, you have to go into the settings menu of your Google account
To activate Google Chat, you have to go into the settings menu of your Google account

from the mobile phone

In both Android and iOS, you have to follow the same steps: open the Gmail app, in the menu with three horizontal lines, choose Settings, then choose the account in which this option will be enabled. Then in “General” next to the chat, activate the option “Show chat and rooms tab”.

Google Chat Benefits

Google Chat lets you create a collaborative space to keep everyone up to date, share ideas, and track information, from Google Sheets, videos, and photos, in one place.

In turn, Smart Suggestions help you quickly set up recommended files and include the right people using @mentions. This can be used to compose a Gmail message for the whole group or to schedule a meeting invitation on a shared calendar, as mentioned in the manifest.

Google Chat allows you to share tasks and files in created rooms
Google Chat allows you to share tasks and files in created rooms

There is also an option to use the Smart Panel to create a checklist in Google Docs, quickly assign roles, and create next steps to take. And if you choose to have a spontaneous conversation, you can present the document, paper or slide you’re working on as a team right in the Meet call with just one click.

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What are the differences between using chat standalone or built-in Gmail

With Gmail chat and chat, you get the same functionality, but the built-in version of Mail provides a central location for establishing contact with different contacts.

Google also announced a migration to Spaces
Google also announced a migration to Spaces

Google also announced the “evolution of Google chat rooms into spaces”. In short, these areas will be a new, improved, and more fluid user interface, which will include some new features, such as improvements to message sequences, more emoji reactions, user roles, and moderation tools.

In a way, it seeks to create a communication option more similar to the one offered by Slack, a communication service widely used in the work environment to manage and communicate with projects.

Google Workspace Single

The company has also launched a new service called “Google Workspace Individual” at a cost of $9.99 per month, which gives users more workspace tools without having to set up their own domain or custom email address.

This solution offers premium options, including smart booking services, professional video conferencing, personalized email marketing, and more. Within their Google account, users can easily manage all their personal and professional commitments from one place with access to Google Support.

Workspace Individual will launch in six markets soon, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan. To receive news about this option you must subscribe Here.

Google also said that in September, companion mode functionality will be ready for the desktop version, encouraging people in the meeting room to turn on their cameras as well so those working remotely can feel more integrated.

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