Homes in the United States will have high-speed internet in 2030: that’s Joe Biden’s plan

The US government will provide high-speed Internet access in select homes across the country. (Freepik)

The goal of giving everyone access to high-speed internet has become one of the priorities of the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt United State Directed by Joe Bidenwho is promoting an initiative that would include providing good connectivity to all citizens of the country by 2030.

The amount that the state will invest in the initiative has already been approved before Congress And it will be close to $42,000 million It will be divided over the next two years to develop the necessary infrastructure that will be responsible for providing this service.

According to the information you provided White HouseInternet access will be a free service as a necessity for the country’s economic development. Currently there is already access to the Internet without having to pay, but this new initiative is improving the quality Connection In addition to reaching areas that still do not have access to high speed internet.

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According to Gina Raimondo, Minister of Commerce In the United States, the investment made to allow access to a high-speed network will facilitate users’ entry to The digital economy and fiber optic cables. This “will help the country’s development, increase our competitiveness and stimulate Economic growth across the country for years to come.”

The US government will provide high-speed Internet access in select homes across the country. (Photo: Pixabay)

As part of the implementation of the project, each state will receive at least $107 million for the construction of the necessary equipment. At least 19 of them will get $1,000 million, but it’s been reported that Texas will benefit the most from a transfer. 3.3 billion dollars. This can align with the greater need to adapt most of their infrastructure to provide this quality of service.

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In addition to helping connect everyone United State For high-speed Internet, this funding will support manufacturing jobs and attract private sector investment through the use of materials made in the United States,” reads the official statement sent by the White House.

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government efforts Biden It is even compared to other development projects led by other leaders, such as the construction of the electrical system for United State In rural areas popularized during the 1930s, and nearly 100 years later, the need has shifted from energy access to Internet access.

Affordable Communication Program (ACP) does not rely on providing access to a file Free wifibut will offer selected families up to $30 per month to cover your internet connection costs. This amount can be up to $75 per month in some rural areas.

High-speed Internet provided by the US government will accompany scholarship programs to take advantage of the benefits of this resource.

Although access to this service Most importantly, the United States government will also provide $2.75 billion in scholarships to make sure it all Communities Have the digital skills needed to take advantage of the improvement in communication Internet.

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Some rural areas will also benefit after the presentation of the Ministry of Agriculture $2 billion To areas that require more attention to the infrastructure needed to access the service.

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