Stroll asks to be a ‘gentleman’ for his Aston Martin F1 investment

Formula 1 represents the elite in motorsports, so affiliation with the grid is a very exclusive club where only twelve teams can enter. Among those who did was Force India, who were in great peril Lawrence Stroll came to his rescue again in 2018 along with a group of investors including Andre Desmarais, Jonathan Dodman, John Idol, John McCaw Jr., Michael De Picetto and Silas Chu.

How was Force India saved in 2018?:

Thanks to the work of the consortium backed by the Canadian businessman, they were able to pay off debts left by Vijay Mallya, Orange India Holdings Sarl and Save 405 jobs, though they were forced to change their name. It all led to Racing Point, which over the years and millions of Strolls, became the Aston Martin we know today.

For this reason, the millionaire asked Canada to become a “gentleman”, and in statements to trainer He reaffirmed: “I must be knighted for what I’ve done. I saved thousands of jobs and built a new Formula 1 factory with an investment of hundreds of millions, it was an incredible investment.”

The Canadian has spent a lot of money on the team To make those from Silverstone competitive and fight for victories, as well as investing in his son Lance’s path so he arrived ready and took the leap into Formula 1. This makes Lawrence Stroll proud, who rates his actions as a “great testament” to his faith in Aston Martin.

The businessman said, “It’s a great testament to my faith in the company. You don’t invest a lot of money in a company that you don’t believe in in its future.” “I’ve always won in my other businesses and I’ve been able to turn things around at Aston Martin because there’s no one left to run the company.”

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