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he Prince William and Kate Middleton They don’t value expenses when it comes to educating their children, especially at that George Wells Who will he become in the future King of Englandafter his father.

That’s why Princes of Wales They are caught talking to the authorities Eton College, One of the finest schools in United kingdom Which stands out for being a boarding school for men.

despite this school You can enter when you are 13 years old, George He is nearly ten years old and the princes are already preparing him for the tests he must undergo at the time of entry.

This is how luxurious the school is, where George Wells will study

George Wells He will follow in his father’s footsteps and footsteps uncle harry, who also studied at the prestigious school, despite the hardships that all men of the monarchy went through to study there boarding schools

The same thing happened with Duke of Sussex Who did not have a pleasant experience in the institution, where requirements and formalities is the priority for graduation.

The influencer and specialist in Kings Noria has calculated the cost of each course 53,800 eurosBeing a rather high number, only the most privileged members are found in British society. However, they also have a scholarship scheme.

The school was founded approx 600 years old It looks like something out of a movie as it has dreamlike architecture. Students have access to several playgrounds, green fields, a large indoor swimming pool, as well as a range of specialized equipment, rowing boats, and paddle boards.

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Athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, martial arts, horseback riding, rowing, climbing, swimming and fencing are among the available sports sections.

Princes William and Harry weren’t the only celebrities to pass through the aforementioned institute as well-known politicians and actors such as David CameronAnd Boris Johnson – Eddie RedmayneAnd Dominic WestAnd Hugh Laurie, Tom HiddlestonAnd John Maynard KeynesAnd George Orwell W Jay Burgess.

His uniform still consists of a black morning suit, dress shirt, and white tie.

Because of his position Eton College, The future kings did not hesitate to put their son in their hands to get decent structures to carry on British monarchy.

“The school aims to educate the elite, as it has always done, but it has shifted to accommodate a new elite defined by money, brains and ambition, not lineage, titles and land,” the journalist explains. Christopher Debeligwho studied at the center during the second half of the eighties.

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