the little Mermaid. They serve sushi at the premiere of a new movie, Grupo Milenio

he Live action or direct event to the little Mermaid It was presented in different countries with exclusive premieres, and in those many people were lucky to meet the cast and watch the classic movie adaptation. Disney.

So far, no strange incidents have occurred during performances, but something distasteful has happened in a theater in the United States, where guests have been given a curious list of the movie.

Thanks for the video Tik Tokshared by a user yesterday during the premiere They were given sushi while the movie was being shownlooking at something “dark”Because they mention it in one part of the tape “Fish is happier in the sea because it’s free and nobody fry it in a frying pan.”

Boy, in addition to showing pictures of the sushi, also put it in the description Although he considers whoever planned it to be sick, he also thinks it’s a great idea.

Looking at it, users have commented that they find it curious, while others feel sad that they are eating Flounder, Ariel’s loyal friend, although many users mentioned that it looked vegan, Cody mentioned that some were stuffed with chicken and others with salmon.His dinner is one of the mermaid’s friends.


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