He moved to Canada at the age of 16, worked in construction and now managed to buy a luxury home: “Un resguardo”

Diego Saul Reyna He is a native of Chiapas, and immigrated from Mexico at the age of 16 y I managed to settle in Canada. After shaping his life in the country, He fulfilled a dream of being able to buy his own home and it showed how he lives.

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He narrated step by step to getting the job everyone wanted and the networks exploded.

elected Youtube to show how I have got luxury home of your dreams. The Mexican in his first moments in Canada He lived with an adoptive familyAnd That helped him adapt, learn the language and educate himself.

Diego works as a builder, that despite the fact that it is not one of the highest paying jobs in Latin America, He knew how to start his own business and become a pioneer in the construction sector.

As his business began to grow, he started his YouTube channel where he presents his life and strives to help those who want to live in the country where he is installed, currently he has 2 million subscribers. He is also married to Katrina, and they have two children.

Spanish-speaking brothers, finally, after so much uncertainty, because of not knowing where to go, we finally have a little house, our new home. He tells the construction worker in his video, which has over 1.6 million views.

The 36-year-old said the house he bought belonged to a retired couple. Homes to them receipt to have a good fund on their retirement day, which is added to the check they receive each month.”It is to explain.

How much did you pay for your property?

The house has three floors, kitchen, dining room, master room, games room and office. According to Diego, his house cost 740,000 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to 578,000 US dollars. To buy it, he had to pay 40% of the total value and the rest could be paid in installments, the same amount as the rent of his previous house.

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