On the shoulders of giants: the flag lights up the Madrid Book Fair

This year’s Madrid Book Fair is held under the theme “Science Illuminates the Fair”, and there are many activities, meetings and seminars on the connection between literature and science. And we went to the RTVE booth in Retiro Park to talk about science books with her Pure FernandezResponsible for editing the Supreme Council for Scientific Research and Vice President of CSIC.

Enrique Sacristan A study has informed us that a third of the most common planets in our galaxy may be in the habitable zone of their stars, specifically around red dwarfs. with Lluís Montoliu We will analyze the birth of five mice from two biological male parents. Japanese researchers made eggs from skin cells from one male that had been fertilized with sperm from another male. On our tour of the periodic table, Bernardo Heradon We have been introduced to the first group, the alkali metals, in which there are important and necessary elements such as lithium. Our partner Esther Garcia He took us to Stockholm to visit the Vasa Museum, a sailing ship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628, and was rescued from the bottom of the sea. and we reviewed the books “NASA Archives. From the Mercury Project to the Mars Rovers. 60 Years in Space,” with texts by Pierce Pizoni, Roger Launius, and Andrew Chaiken (Taschen); and “Dating with Cajal. The Idea of ​​a Wise Man,” by Jose Ramon Alonso, in the book (Minoscuarto Editions).

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