He found his wife cheating on him and uploaded the video to TikTok with his reaction: “It’s not the first time.”

Thousands of followers congratulated him on his way of dealing with this disgust. (Image: Pexels Illustrative)

Raul La Vara Garcia Responsible for sharing hilarious videos on his TikTok account, but there was a private video that had an unusual relevance due to the reaction of the man who He just found his wife Unfaithful in his home.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the video, the man he was unfaithful to said he “was a tiger” and was blind to revenge, its ending surprised the more than 300,000 people who got to see the sequence.

Do you know why I didn’t come with a dagger and kill you? Because I am a man of value. “If you want, I’ll kill both of them,” said the man next to himself while recording the entire sequence with his cell phone, “but I’m not one of those guys.”

The act of treason took place in the Dominican Republic, when a man who arrived at his house prematurely saw how his wife was having an affair with another man. Immediately, he began recording the embarrassing and horrific situation so that everyone would know what he was capable of.

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The man portrayed the lover and the woman in complete betrayal. (photo: video capture)

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Between shouts and threats, the man replied to his accomplices that “This is not the first time he has done this.” Fed up with this kind of manipulation by his wife, his anger was uncontrollable. Despite the fact that he has threatened, on several occasions, to do something crazy, at the end of the video he argues that he “was a better person than both” and I would let the situation go. Given this, thousands of people in the comments asked him to “please leave it” and praised his moderation.

The man portrayed the lover and the woman in complete betrayal. (photo: video capture)

“Take an example, you don’t have to fail for anyone”, “You have to be cold-blooded in situations like this” and “This was the best thing that could have happened to you”, “This is the best. It’s not worth hurting your life. You deserve a good woman. I don’t know what they achieve by deception. Why are they unfaithful and this is the case with whoever they want? Some followers sympathized.

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The case became so viral that hours later it was reported, to the joy of all who wished the unfaithful man the best, that after the tense situation the couple from Santo Domingo had gone through, The woman decided to leave the house which he shared with whom his ex is currently “by his own means”. So the relationship had an end point.

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