Who is the Argentine behind the outfit?

What is the story of the silver character created by a guy from La Plata and how did he get to the trailer for the classic game

Video game fans have made artistic replicas of the popular meme

Although the original science of memory is related to Darwin’s approaches, in this note we will give new meaning to the concept and say that the “science of memory” will be the study of memes. Or should we talk about the “science of memory”? Because after all, the origin of the Scorpion meme has been revealed with its mate, and how it could be different, the creator is an Argentinian who brought his crazy idea to the Mortal Kombat 1 trailer.

Cultura Geek portal has been in touch with Luciano Castillo, a 34-year-old biology student from La Plata. The meme that traveled the world through networks was the product of a night out and reached Ed Blessingcreator of the video game that inspired Castillo.

“The meme came about by chance, we got dressed up with a friend for a fancy dress party, took some pictures to fool around a bit, and uploaded it to Taringa,” says the student, adding that someone started posting it “and the rest is history known.”

Luciano is a craftsman and wildlife officer in Bioparque de La Plata and confirms that he was very surprised by the scope his photograph captured. In 2017, a netizen posted his photo on Twitter, pointing to Boon, who reposted a photo of a silver scorpion.

“When I saw it, it blew my mind. It was understanding how huge a simple meme was, I knew that in Argentina it was widely used, but reaching the global level was an interesting change,” he says with a laugh.

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The Scorpion with Mate in the Mortal Kombat movie

The meme of Luciano disguised, with his companion and a kettle next to a kitchen scene and items for other Argentines, seems to have inspired those responsible for the design of the Mortal Kombat 1 set. In a picture in which Scorpio appears ready to fight, in the background, on a wooden table, there is nothing more, nothing less than a companion game. Argentina to stick.

It so happens that in recent days, developer NetherRealm Studios jointly with Warnes Bros. Games release date with gory trailer. The game will be available to the public on September 23 on Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo.

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