What We Do All Day, new Netflix documentary

Netflix has the best series of entertainment, But in this way, it is also responsible for adding different styles of programs such as documentaries to its catalog, making the streaming platform more comprehensive and diverse.

The last premiere is a documentary film directed by Caroline Suh, which mainly attracted Barack Obama, In them they talk about ordinary people and what keeps us busy most of the day: working and making the world, in some strange way, keep spinning around on itself.

This documentary series looks at what work means to Americans in today’s fast-paced times. It premiered on May 17 and contains 4 episodes in total.

Netflix documentary series

Business Summary: What we do all day, the new Netflix

The series sees Barack Obama walking across the United States and engaging in conversations with various people, from hotel staff to CEOs, from the first to the last, on a journey to find out why we connect.

As Michelle Obama has done before, now it’s Barack’s turn to enter the world of television, also through Netflix, to show and take a spin on the simple, the extravagant, and the iconic.

Work: What we do all day is a stroll through the streets and through its inhabitants, An interesting, friendly, very light and close documentary that achieves what you want, seek and seek: the natural and the special in the undistinguished by a man who had a difficult and distinguished job.

Work introduction: what we do all day long

Work: what we do all day | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Work breakdown: What we do throughout the day

This mini-series is in the documentary genre Barack Obama speeches And different Americans.

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