He bought a house and found a button that took him to an unexpected place

in Tik Tok It is becoming increasingly common for people to view recently purchased or rented properties, tour them and share specific details found within them with users.

On this occasion, one of the users Chinese social network She shared an amazing feature she found in her new home, and she was completely blown away by the discovery.

What the man discovered in his new home

By displaying it on networks, alvaro linares, One of the popular content creators on the platform found… button Which, when pressed, took her to A Secret room under the kitchen.

”It’s unbelievable what happened to me. I just bought a house, I’m in the kitchen and I press the button under the counter and see what happens: The earth opens and closes The user participated enthusiastically.

“Imagine what I thought, saying, ‘Oh, I can’t tell my wife about this, otherwise she makes me clean.’”– added the man between laughs.

Tik Tok room.jpg

As expected, the video received thousands of views and users were quick to comment on the captivating hideout.

“Just thinking about the use it must have had gives me goosebumps. They tried so hard to make sure it didn’t get caught”, “I hope you don’t have a power outage downstairs with the lid closed”, “Okay, At least now you have something to hide in discussions.“What was that for?”, “It looks like the basement from a Halloween movie”, “Please come down, I’m curious.” There were some responses.

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