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More than 320 ships are waiting to cross the Suez Canal. After four days of grounding the container ship “Evergiven” from Asia, efforts are continuing to remove the giant 400 meters long and 220 thousand tons. Meanwhile, the main shipping company operating in the Suez Canal, the Danish company Maersk, has reported that 14 of its ships will take the longest route to avoid traffic congestion. The ships will orbit around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Tugboat captain Battle 2, Mohamed Hafez, He said that Saturday night was an occasion to try to move the ship flying the Panama flag. Hafez predicts that the full and high tides will make maneuvering easier. Mohamed Qasim, assistant captain Hafez, was also optimistic, risking 90 percent with expectations that today they will be able to move the large container ship. Now that most of the sand and mud around the bow has been removed, the ships will use large steel ropes to pull the ship from the bow and from the stern. Hafez also added that they were already able to move the arc of the Evergreen River about 17 meters northward, towards where it was sailing before hitting a bank.

Previously, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), The Mirant Osama RabieThe first press conference since the container ship accident was held Owned by the Japanese company Choi Kisen Kaisha. However, be careful with estimates. “It’s difficult to pinpoint a time to fix the problem,” Rabie said from the headquarters of the Securities and Commodities Authority in Port Tawfiq, a few kilometers from where the Evergreen was stranded.

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“Last night we were very optimistic about the completion because the boat was responding well, but at night the tide came low and we had to stop,” Rabie said. Rocky terrain, strong winds and tides hampered efforts to evict the container ship. There are currently 14 locomotives trying to move Ever Green. “I cannot say when we will end, maybe tonight, God willing, and maybe tomorrow.”

The Securities and Commodities Authority implemented the first step, which consisted of removing sand around the bow of the vessel. They also excavated to increase the depth of the canal in the shore area where the Japanese company ship Shu Kisen Kaisha ran aground. The next step would be to tow the container ship until it is unblocked and finally repositioned. If the latter is not possible, The next step will be to remove a portion of the shipment from Ever Given, which is carrying more than 18,000 containers of cargo.

The head of the Securities and Commodities Authority also reconstructed what happened last Tuesday during the sandstorm that ran aground. Rabie said that it is a common meteorological phenomenon in Egypt during this time of the year when winds reach 40 knots, although he said that there are other factors in addition to bad weather conditions.

“This is not the main reason behind the misdemeanor of the ship, but other reasons have been added because behind these types of accidents there is usually a combination of factors,” Rabie said. It also indicated a possible technical or human malfunction, although this could only be determined after investigations into the accident that occurred last Tuesday. The head of the Securities and Commodities Authority noted the large size of the ship, but also indicated that it was not the first time that a ship of this size had crossed the sea lane that was expanded in 2015.

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Until now There are already 321 ships on the waiting list to cross from the Mediterranean To the Red Sea and backAccording to Rabie. Although he did not talk about possible fines or compensation for what happened with the blockade of the canal. Ships in standby are being provided logistical services, but they still have to wait one to two days to cross the canal once it reopens.

Container ship “ever” A ship with a tonnage of more than 220 thousand tons It was surrounded at 151 km on the southern extension of the canal. The ship from Asia was bound for Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and ran aground on Tuesday night and crossed the southern stretch of the Suez Canal. Currently, most of the ships waiting to pass are in the Gulf of Suez, in the Red Sea, the southern entrance to the canal. Others wait at Great Lake, which is an intermediate location. While the Danish shipping company, Maersk stated that 14 of its ships will take the route through the southern tip of Africa. It is estimated that the division that traveled to Ever Given from Taiwan to the Netherlands had a duration of 25.5 days using the Suez Canal, while using the alternative and longer route through South Africa, the journey could reportedly take up to 34 days. BBC.

The Suez Canal is prof Navigable channel Located in Egypt Which unites The Mediterranean Sea With th The Red Sea (Gulf of Suez). The canal has transformed an area Sinai In a new way Peninsula, Which form the boundary between continents Africa s Asia. Its length is 163 km between Port Said (On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea) and Suez (on the Red Sea coast). It allows to shorten the maritime trade route between Europe And South Asia, as it avoids having to roam the African continent. At 195 kilometers in length, it makes room for 10 percent of the global economy. It is estimated that 25 percent of shipping containers travel through this sea. For now, it’s still passable.

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