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Moving from the country of origin is never easy and even more so at such a young age. however, ‘After a long period of uncertainty’mexican Diego Saul Reina Share his amazing achievements on his YouTube channel. Youtube And move the entire community. I know your story.

the guy Came to Canada at the age of 16He was received by an adoptive family. Soon, he started working as a builder and, thanks to two decades of effort, fulfilled his most anticipated dream: He bought a huge house where he will live with his Canadian wife Katrina and their two children.

Although it seemed that the work of a construction worker did not get “well paid”, Diego knew how to make space for himself in the competition, Become the leader of his own construction business His progress was imminent. Today, turned Widely In social networks and encourages thousands of users.

“Spanish-speaking brothers, at last, after so much uncertainty, not knowing where to go, we finally have a little house, our new home”And the The Mexican says in his video that he got it Over 1.6 million views.

Diego with his wife Katrina in their new home.

There, he was seen wandering around every room of his new property. a Incredible property consisting of three floors, kitchen, dining room, master room, office and games room. Additionally, it has terraces, three bedrooms with bathroom, laundry room, garden, and garage for three cars, among other spaces.

As the young man explained, the property was owned by a couple who retired and put their home up for sale as a retirement fund. Same, cost 740,000 Canadian dollars (about 578,000 US dollars).Of which Already paid 40% of the total. The rest will be paid in installments payment plan.

Your YouTube channel

Since arriving in the country, Diego has decided to create content for various social networks and YouTube for it Helping all those who decided to do the same challenge. Today, his channel has already created a huge community, with More than 2 million subscribers.

In his videos, you can see topics such as Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Canada; What difficulties does the Latin immigrant face and how to solve medical consultations; And even how to learn to speak English without problems.

Notably, despite his remarkable achievement, He recounted on several occasions the instances of discrimination he had to endureEither because of their nationality or because of their profession.

The construction worker from Mexico who bought a wonderful mansion.

The construction worker from Mexico who bought a wonderful mansion.

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